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        Posted 07-27-2016
        4.00 Best 40+ Ball
        • Best 40+ Ball

        • Durability
        • Price
        We tested alot of the new three star poly balls in my club to find the best one for league play and we decided on the Nittaku 3* Poly Ball.

        If i had to chose my favourite 40+ ball it would be this one.

        It plays smiliar to a celluloid ball. The bounce height seems to be constant and not too high or too low, much better than balls from XuShaoFa.
        The ball are very round and have all around the same hardness.

        Still the ball suffers from one of the big poly ball problems: Durability

        Bad durability together with the high price is a costly combination.

        Still i think the Nittaku 3* Ball is the best choice if you want a poly ball.

        I hope my review could help you in any way
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        Posted 06-06-2016
        5.00 The makes you pro tho
        • Speed
        • Control
        • Spin

        • Cant find any
        This is my main blade atm. It is also my first more expensive blade. So far i am very happy with it!
        I use this blade with a Xiom Omega Pro V 2.0mm on the forehand and a Xiom Vega Pro 1,8mm on the backhand.

        Even tho the blade is fast the short game is great, even greater than with the stiga classic allround id say. I think this is because of the composition of the blade. The first layer is soft wood wich gives you longer dwelling time of the ball and more feeling, just under this layers there is a very thin layer of carbon wich gives the blade stability and power for strong hits.

        This blade really has many gears, upon thin contact it gives great spin and control. If you swing a bit faster and harder it generates alot of power while still keeping the touch for lots of spin. I like counter looping with it alot and also opening up is fun.

        The blade comes in a nice packaging. The guys from Xiom really do a great job in designing stuff There is also a little Xiom sandpaper thingy delivered with the blade so you can sand the edes, wich i reccomend you doing. I got sore hands after the first hours of playing without sanding it.

        If you have any more questions let me know!


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        Posted 06-06-2016
        4.00 Good allround Blade
        • Control
        • Price
        • Feeling

        • Hitting
        This was my first blade, I really like it and still play with it sometimes.

        Its perfect for beginners as it isnt too fast and provides alot of control and feeling. The soft wood gives you a longer grip time of the ball.
        Perfect to make controlled topspins. On the other hand it lacks a bit power for smashing and counter hitting because you need to do a big movement.

        With about 25$ on tt11 its a very cheap blade for what it is. If youd like more feeling you can get the wrb edition with a hollow grip. However be aware this doesnt work well with all rubbers. I reccomend using light rubbers with wrb blades, otherwise the head wil feel very heavy.

        I hope my review helped you!
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