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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 12-25-2016
        5.00 Learn with and teach with.
        • Price
        • Great Feeling
        • Control

        • speed?
        There's not a lot of blades I would say can do anything. But this is one of them. As you develop your strokes more and more, you'll find that this blade is one of the direct causes toward how quickly you're improving.
        Looping = Cake
        Hitting = Cake
        Blocking = Cake

        Even coaches love this blade, they can teach every strokes extremely easily and control every ball with ease.

        The only cause I could think of would be the lack of speed required at higher levels.
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        Posted 12-24-2016
        5.00 Great for allwood players wanting some oomph
        • Wood-feel
        • flexible
        • Looping ease

        • Flat hits
        • price
        • discontinued
        Firstly, this is the Innerforce ALC. This is different than the Innerforce Layer ALC ------- Also playing level reference= 1756 USATT .

        The blade is a dream come true for players who love the feeling of all-wood blades. Since there's two layers of wood outside their alc layer, there's a very woody feeling felt through the vibration feedback you get when doing your strokes. The outside layers are made of limba, which is very soft providing additional control on passive blocks. If you're more of a passive blocker opposed to a counter hitter, this may appeal to you quite a bit. The blade is pretty thin, and with how thin it is, you can bet it's flexible.

        Looping is super easy, mostly due to the flexibility and how soft the blade is. The ball is always loaded with spin on loops. However, this flexibility takes control away when trying to hit flat for a kill.

        Recommended for players who like to spin the ball and like wood blades. This is really perfect if you're trying to transition to carbon.
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        Posted 06-28-2016
        4.00 Thick But dangerous
        • Thick glue
        • good for pores

        • use until dead
        • too strong?
        • need laquer
        The rubber is very thick which is good for porous rubbers. It wont seep into the pores so you can just allow it to dry and then it's great. The problem is taking the rubber off the blade can chip the blade if you don't laquer it well, it's also pretty difficult to get the glue off the rubber so if you want to reuse the rubber you're a bit out of luck.
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        Posted 04-29-2016
        5.00 Control.
        • Super Control
        • Super Spin
        • Soft

        • Dies quickly
        • Not very fast
        Well this is truly a great rubber. It has a similar feel to Tibhar evolution FX-P except the topsheet of rasant grip has much more grip than fxp. The sponge is very porous and very soft which allows a developing player to really feel the impact and vibrations through your paddle. This is a FANTASTIC rubber to develop your feeling and your strokes.

        Slow spinny loops are a breeze with this monstrosity, but power looping is a bit difficult since he really does lack speed. This is the rubber that a control player who loves to spin the ball would use. The only down side to this rubber is the lifespan. If you're using this rubber you're the kind of player who grazes the ball heavily to get the good spin from the rubber. Unfortunately it's also extremely noticable when the rubber dies and I had to replace the rubber every 1.5 months. Luckily I buy my rubbers in bulk and if you buy from tt11 you can get them for 30USD per sheet. Not too expensive.

        I recommend this rubber to all developing players.
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        Posted 04-23-2016
        4.00 Good not Great
        • Big sweet spot
        • Stiga Wood
        • Well Rounded

        • Lacks wow factor
        • Sand those edges
        • Price
        The carbonado 145 was a blade I used for a good 3-4 months. The blade was very stable, and the best way I can describe the blade would be that it was one of the best viscaria's I ever owned. The blade played extremely similar to the viscaria and timo boll spirit, however it had a much better feeling. It had more vibration and a larger sweet spot. You really can't beat the quality of wood that you get from stiga.

        The blade had the most strength at mid range looping but didn't lack at the short or long game. There's plenty of power and I would much rather go back to this blade than any other carbon blade in it's class. It has a limba outer ply and that could be the cause of the better feeling.

        The only issues I had with the blade was the need to sand the wings of the blade (which is very common with all stiga blades), the price for what you're getting, and the lack of wow factor. When I say it has a lack of wow factor what this means is the blade was just too boring. It was well balanced and played well but I couldn't tell anyone yea its really good in this aspect. Because it simply wasn't really great in any area of the game. It was good in all areas, but it made the game kind of boring.
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        Posted 03-27-2016
        4.00 Good Not great
        • Good training
        • Readily Availabl

        • NOT np40+
        • NOT XSF
        Ball is playable but its closer to a xsf ball than a NP40+, actually seems to have worse quality control than xsf
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        Posted 12-02-2015
        3.00 Clipper CC
        • Super speed
        • stiga wood

        • No touch
        • Can only go Fast
        I used this blade for about 6 months paired with a few different rubbers. This blade only has one gear, and that gear is fast. It's extremely difficult to get this blade to go slower for you. It's got 7 plies with glass carbon in between each layer which is really overkill. The blade does however give you the superior wood of stiga blades.

        can't recommend this one.
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        Posted 12-01-2015
        5.00 Innerforce ZLC
        • Superior Dwell
        • All wood feel

        • discontinued
        Unfortunately this blade is discontinued and now they only have the innerforce LAYER zlc.

        The zlc layer is closer to the middle of the paddle and on the outside there are two limba plies. this causes the blade to have a very strong all wood feeling and a ton of dwell and flexibility on loops.
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        Posted 08-04-2015
        4.00 Zealot
        • Controlled
        • Balanced
        • Flexible

        • Boring
        o describe it in one word, I would just say it's balanced. All of the Nexy blades I've used stood out in some way, making them feel very unique. However, the zealot feels so balanced that i can't say its extraordinary in any one aspect. With that being said, it also doesn't feel like it's lacking in any area.

        The zealot is a 5ply all wood blade with a mystery new surface veneer made for the polyball. Although it's a 5ply blade, it feels more like a 7ply blade.


        When blocking with the zealot it's very easy to do aggressive blocks or "punch" blocks. However if you're the type of player who prefers the loose-grip passive blocking style this is going to be more of a struggle for you. The control on the blocks is superb but it's very hard to block the ball short. A player using this blade will find it to be a much easier time blocking this quickly.

        Close Loops

        In my opinion this is where the blade struggles the most. When doing a very close to the table loop, it's very difficult to get the ball to drop quicker and i found every loop going long and off the table. This made me extremely uncomfortable looping a ball that was close to the table and i lost confidence in even attempting these loops. The best way i found to solve this problem is to do a very hard push instead of loop at the short range. This caused the next ball to come off the table longer for an easier loop.

        Mid-range Loops

        Mid range loops are where this blade truly shines. I was able to get quite a bit of power off these loops, almost as if it had carbon in the blade. It provided a slightly lower throw angle than you would expect from a 5ply all wood blade, but it still maintained the ease of looping that you would have come to love from them.


        There was quite a bit of dwell time on the the blade so flicks seemed fairly easy. The only issue i found from the flicks was that they seemed a bit slow. Although they were slow they more than made up for the speed with a lot of spin. This allowed you to get ready for the next shot.
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        Posted 08-04-2015
        5.00 Amazing
        • Flexible
        • Spin monster
        • Fabulous control

        • Little slow
        • small handle
        • price
        I'm suprised there's no reviews on this blade, as its one that I recommend to virtually everybody. The violin is a fantastic 5ply blade, it's the slowest of the instrumental series (violin, accoustic, tenor). but it's also the spinniest

        This blade is sent from the heavens for a player that likes to load up on spin on their loops. It's the easiest blade of any that I've used for looping. The limba outer plies make it very soft and easy to use. However, since the blade is so soft and flexible, I wouldn't recommend ever using a soft rubber with it. I recommend this blade over all others for new developing players. If you have any questions about this blade I'd be glad to answer you, send me a pm or an email!
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        Posted 08-04-2015
        4.00 Nexy XSF Clone
        • Hard
        • Round
        • Durable

        • Not Nittaku Prem
        The nexy poly ball is among the best of the non nittaku premium polyballs. It's an exact clone of the XSF ball. If you're a U.S. Resident, you're lucky. You'll be able to order these through nexyusa which has the best customer service of any reputable dealer.
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        Posted 08-03-2015
        4.00 Donic Waldner Legend Carbon
        • FAST

        • Stiff
        This is a very fast blade and definitely worth the try especially for the price. Although its fast and stiff looping is still fairly easy to do with it. This is truly a blade made for someone who's ready to finish the point. Short game is quite difficult since the blade is stiff but once you make it off the table you'll surely have the advantage. Good match with soft rubbers.
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        Posted 08-03-2015
        5.00 Calix 1
        • Very Flexible
        • Multiple Gears
        • Controlled

        • Rocket
        I tend to switch between the ever popular viscaria and the calix 1 over and over. The moment i hit a few balls with my viscaria i realize again that the calix is just a better blade in almost all aspects "except a bit of speed" same rubbers on both blades btw. t64 on FH t05 BH


        The calix has more vibration than the viscaria and if what you like is to actually feel the ball before you launch it at your opponent then the calix blade wins this one easy.

        Control----- Calix>Viscaria

        This is caused by the feel IMO. also the fact that the blade is very thin. Even though the calix has two layers of carbon in it, it plays closer to an all wood 5ply blade than a carbon blade.

        Blocking----- Calix>Viscaria

        this is by a landslide. the calix makes blocking feel like a dream. Most of this is due to to feeling of vibrations when you block the ball. With more control comes easier blocking.

        Speed------- Viscaria>Calix

        This was an easy test. Viscaria out performed the calix in speed easily. Although over the table shots were harder to land because of the speed of the viscaria, hitting the table from mid to long distance was extremely easy to do with good pace on the ball.

        Off the table Loops------- Viscaria = Calix

        This was a hard one to judge, the calix out performed viscaria in a few ways while the viscaria out performed the calix in others. Loop/drives were easily more powerful with the viscaria, however the dip that the calix performed on the ball was unmatched. The calix put an insane amount of topspin on the ball compared to the speed it put out. This caused the ball to dip down very early. Slow spinny loopers would absolutely adore this. With the viscaria, when i missed the table it was from hitting the ball too far. With the calix, it would be from the ball dipping almost too early to where the ball would hit the net. But even with the ball hitting the net, it had enough topspin to often creep it's way over anyway. Again, this blade has an all woody blade feeling so looping is extremely easy to do with it.
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