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        Posted 04-17-2016
        5.00 Brand New Tibhar Blade - Tibhar CCA7
        • Big sweet spot
        • Great dwell time
        • Good Speed

        • Passive play
        Hi everybody,

        After played with Tibhar CCA7 for 2 weeks, I'd like share the review of this brand new product of Tibhar. Here's my review :

        Note : The setup I've been using is Tibhar CCA7 with Tibhar Evolution MX-P rubber on both sides.

        Before I'm playing with Tibhar CCA7, I used Nittaku Barwell which also a 7-plies all wood blade. Surprisingly, it doesn't take too much effort for me to adjusting with Tibhar CCA7. Usually it will take 1-2 months for me to get along with new blade and although it's only an all-wood blade, this blade doesn't lack of speed at all. I can kill the ball easier with Tibhar CCA7 (also thanks to Evolution MX-P rubber). The amount of dwell time also really great. I can generate a lot of spin easily even with Evolution MX-P rubber which has the hardest sponge of the Evolution series.

        Short game is also really important in modern game and I think this blade also excel in this part. I can control the short game better than before. The combination of touch and spin are very good. One of my favourite stroke is backhand flick and with Tibhar CCA7 I can execute backhand flick with a very great balance of speed & spin.

        When looping using Tibhar CCA7, I feel the ball really sink into the blade. It's like using 5-plies blade but with more speed on it. I don't need to put much effort in looping backspin ball. Counter-topspin very solid from close & mid distance. Sometimes, I also like to fish & lob the ball and when using Tibhar CCA7 my lob get more precise because the amount of feels that the blade produce, give me more confidence in fishing & lobbing game.

        The downside of this blade is in passive blocking game. When I did some passive blocking, the ball came to the net really often. To fix this, I need to give more forward action so the ball can go to the other side of the table.

        In my opinion, Tibhar CCA7 will suit for offensive & all-round player, especially looper who needs a good speed without lacking too much control. Passive blocker won't like to use this blade.

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        Posted 11-17-2015
        3.00 Butterfly Lezoline Sonic Reviews
        • Colorful
        • Light

        • Durability
        • Expensive
        • Grip
        These shoes have a good color choice and really good for a stylish player. Unfortunately, these shoes are not very durable. I've been using my shoes for less than 1 years and the outer side of mine has been torn apart. Also, these shoes is quiet slippery.
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        Posted 11-07-2015
        5.00 Donic Bluefire M2
        • Good speed
        • Long trajectory
        • Good for advanced players

        • Sponge too hard for medium sponge
        High quality rubber, but didn't suit really well for me. Bluefire M2 is good for players who like to hit the ball with a flatter contact. I found that I was really struggling to play with more spin using this rubber. The speed is good, the arc of the ball is also good. It gives you a long arc of the ball so you can drag the opponent away from the table. I think this rubber suitable for advanced player who like to play from mid-distace players. Serving is not too bad, but i cannot generate a lot of spin on my serve. Looping backspin from both BH and FH is pretty easy because this rubber has a quiet high throw. I think is rubber is excel in counter-hit and blocking department. Blocking a heavy topspin is very effortless. Counter-hitting the ball also easy to do with this rubber.

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        Posted 10-02-2015
        5.00 Overall Ratings
        • Great Feeling
        • Comfortable Grip
        • Good Material

        • Quiet Expensive
        Hi guys,
        I've been using this blade for about 2-3 weeks and here is my reviews of this blade.

        For me, this blade is suitable for offensive players who play from close to mid distance. The amount of dwell time is just fantastic for topspin rally. This blade also good for a touch play. I found it is quiet easy to push the ball short to the net. Blocking is just awesome because you don't need put too much efforts to block the ball. Flicking also really easy to do. Due the good amount of dwell time of this blade, I can easily flick a heavy backspin ball.

        This blade has a simple and elegant appearance. It was made from a really good quality wood. The finishing is looking so well-made. The handle is very comfortable and give me a smooth feeling in my hand.

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        Posted 09-15-2015
        5.00 Acuda Blue P1 Black Rubber
        • Very spinny
        • Good speed & conrol
        • Great feeling

        • Very low throw
        I've tried Donic Acuda Blue P1 Black sheet and the summary are like these:

        Top sheet :
        Good and grippy topsheet, not tacky at all.

        Sponge :
        Hard and bouncy, but not as hard as Bluefire M2.

        Serving :
        Serving is good. I found my serve is more spinny, but you need to do a soft brushing stroke to make it spinny due to its hard sponge.

        Blocking :
        Good blocking, doesn't need too much effort. But you need a really softhand to make it controlable

        Topspin :
        I think this rubber really excel in this part. I can do a heavy & fast topspin with less effort.

        Looping :
        It's really easy to lift a backspin ball. But it has a quiet low-throw

        Counter-topspin :
        Quiet hard. I need to do a really fast vertical topspin stroke, The ball don't dwell so long on the rubber due to its hard sponge characteristics.

        Pushing :
        Quiet hard. I need to soften my hand so much. Required a lot of touch to do a short push. Plus i also need to widely open my bat angle to return a backspin serve.

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        Posted 08-14-2015
        5.00 Make my stroke more consistent
        • Nice speed
        • Great feeling & control
        • Nice grip

        Hi everyone,

        I'd like to give my opinion about the softest version of Evolution rubber, Tibhar Evolution FX-P. I'm pretty curious to how this rubber perform since I've heard and seen many good reviews about this rubber, so I decided to buy one sheet from tt-shop on my neighborhood and start to replace my old Mark V rubber with Tibhar Evolution FX-P. The result of my experiment is like this :

        The speed is not really shining, but i found that it's good enough for me to control the game. Tibhar Evolution FX-P offer almost the same speed of Mark V but with more catapult effect on it. I felt the rubber has a longer trajectory compared to Mark V rubber I used before.

        The soft sponge help me to generate a lot of spin without too much effort either from close or mid distance. The amount of spin I can generate also increasing using this rubber. It's also very easy for me to do a very short spinny serve without too much brushing action. Thanks to great soft sponge.

        I think this rubber is very forgiving. One of my weakness is I'm really easy to get out of position. Using Tibhar Evolution FX-P I can return the ball with higher percentage event though I slightly mishit the ball. The amount of consistency also incredible and it's so fun to play with. Pushing & blocking also good because this rubber is not sensitive to incoming spin. I found that i can control the incoming spin from my opponent serve easier with this rubber.

        To sum up, I think this is a very great rubber for someone who looking for a faster rubber with great control and spin. Very user friendly and suitable for both FH and BH side. A little by litte of my friends starts to change to this rubber because of it's extraordinary performance.

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        Posted 08-12-2015
        5.00 Good looping rubber
        • Very Consistent
        • Easy to lift backspin
        • Speed & Spin balance

        • Not durable
        • Not for flat hitters
        Very good looping rubber and I'm really happy using it. I can loop all backspin easily. DHS H3 Neo is a very good rubber to produce a very consistent forehand topspin. It's tacky surface helps me in getting a better control. Recommended for advanced players who really seeking balance in speed and spin. But one of the downside of this rubber is it cannot generate the speed by itself. I need to produce the speed with of own body and it takes a lot of physical efforts to do that. I think this rubber is good for a topspin offensive player with strong physical capability. I don't recommend this rubber if you like to smash the ball flat because of its tacky surface, flat hitters will struggle to adjust their stroke.
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        Posted 08-12-2015
        5.00 My First Carbon Blade
        • Balance in speed & control
        • Cheap price for such quality
        • Large sweet spot

        • Thin layer
        Hi everyone,

        In this review, I will review my first ever carbon blade Donic Baum Esprit. The setup I'm using is Donic Baum Esprit with DHS Neo Hurricane 3 on FH side and Tibhar Evolution FX-P on BH side. And after playing with this blade for a week, here's my review :

        Donic Baum Esprit is my first carbon blade since I played table tennis in 2014. Usually, I'm using an all-wood blade, but I'd like to experiment a little bit by moving to a carbon blade. I'm an attacking player who likes to loop the ball very often. For me, Donic Baum Esprit helps me to loop the ball more consistently. The speed I can generate is great enough and the amount of control & spin is very good. It also has very large sweet spot which give you more forgiveness even if you slightly mishit the ball.

        Short game is so smooth. I can control the short game easier. The amount of dwell time that this blade has also good for flicking the ball. My short push is getting better now and my forehand also my backhand flick become more deadly.

        In looping and counter-top spin rally, my shot also getting more consistent. The amount of control from Donic Baum Esprit also good when you're playing far from the table. I found that I need an extra effort to create a long arc when I played far from the table, but when using Donic Baum Esprit I can do a very big swing without worrying the ball come out of the table. Blocking also quiet easy to do with this blade I can do both active and passive block without too much effort. For me this blade is very balance in short-distance, mid-distance, and long-distance game.

        Things I don't really like from Donic Baum Esprit is the wood quality issue. It seems the wood pretty easy to get damaged. The layer is pretty thin and sometimes it makes me really nervous to play aggresively from close the table.

        In my opinion, this blade good for player who really love to top-spin the ball a lot. I will not recommend Donic Baum Esprit for direct hitters because the blade is not so hard so you won't get any benefit by hitting the ball flat.

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