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    Reviews posted by Thomas Jeffcott
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    Reviews Rubbers(2)
        Posted 10-08-2016
        3.00 Average relatively hard rubber
        • quite cheap
        • Decent speed

        • Not spinny
        If you are looking for a harder rubber spend a bit more money and buy tenergy. It's ok but I wouldn't recommend it.
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        Posted 10-08-2016
        5.00 Stiga's best rubber by far
        • Great Control
        • Fast enough
        • Great spin

        Normally I don't like Stiga rubbers and found the airoc to be disappointing however it finally looks like stiga have come up with a very good offensive rubber. It's not as fast as tenergy 05/64 and just a tad less spinny but I find it to have more control. I really like blocking with this rubber as it soaks incoming spin up well. I'd definitely recommend it for players that find tenergy slightly too fast and want a bit more control without compromising on spin any great deal. Overall a great product from stiga I just hope they continue producing rubbers like this instead of the pretty poor airoc and Calibra tour series.
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        Posted 11-10-2015
        1.00 Awful
        • Good for pet cat

        • Oval
        • bad bounce
        Literally the worst practise "ball" I have ever used. How the manufacturer even thinks they are saleable surprises me. They are all very egg shaped and the bounce is completely unreliable. The good news is your pet cat will like them. Do not buy even if you just want them for multi ball work go with the Donic 40+ training ball instead.
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        Posted 10-23-2015
        5.00 Finally something more like celluloid
        • Fast
        • not too heavy
        • Fast

        • Bit light
        • spin
        Finally! Something that actually plays more like a celluloid ball. I tested it with Dan and Tom when they reviewed it and have used it a few times since. None have broken so far and all seem to be quite round. Bit of a weird surface which you have to see first hand to understand. It's also a bit glossier then other plastic balls and looks almost rough but doesn't feel rough. I really don't like the plastic ball when I'm comparing it to the old celluloid due to its heaviness and lack off spin. The g40+ feels lighter (some might say feels too light) I don't see this as an issue as you get used to it and would say all other plastic balls are too heavy. The speed however is its main asset it's quite a lot faster then all other plastic balls I have used and I've tried most of them. Butterfly (not g40) stag, nittaku, XFA to name a few. I feel it puts more fun into table tennis again. Which I found the other plastic balls took away after the celluloid ban. As for spin it's the same as other plastic balls and still not really very near the old celluloid balls but you can't have everything eh...Some people will complain that's it's too different to other plastic balls. Which I agree to to an extent as it is very different. However I think it's much better and it won't be long before this ball takes over when people realise how good it is.
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