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        Posted 08-06-2016
        4.00 Review

        The Yinhe W-6 holds the unique combination of a thin (5.7mm) mid to far distance looping blade, but the power of a more all around or control blade. Using this blade will give consistent, repeatable spin without adding a large amount of speed to the ball. Great for players who use lobs or offensive chopping. This is also perfect for players looking to develop spin by using good technique, instead of relying on high end $50+ rubbers.

        Speed 80
        Control 100
        Rating ALL+ to OFF-
        Thickness 5.7 mm
        Weight 86 g
        Construction 5 ply
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        Posted 08-04-2016
        4.00 XSF 3* Improving Quality Control
        • Surface
        • bounce

        The XSF 3* balls have been improved (in 2016), there are more balls being: round and consistent. Bounce is still a little higher than BTY 40+, however, I've adapted and play with them. I like XSF 3* over BTY 40+ and the BTY G40 as the BTY surface smooths out too soon (and the balls are only good for maybe multi-ball). The XSF 3* retains that flat (non-smoothed, not shiny) surface and I've used the same balls repeatedly for 3 months in informal matches.
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        Posted 01-10-2016
        5.00 Good sole, fairly light, quality stitching and construction
        • Fits long feet
        • size matches US
        • color pattern

        • Has bling
        I wear a US size 11 and these shoes fits great. Finding the correct size via the internet is troublesome. I use them only for competition so I can't rate about their durability. Using them on rubber (competition) mats and wooden floors they hold my feet snug, fairly lightweight, and allow me to move laterally.

        Their color pattern is catchy, although they could do away with the silver and just have them white/blue (that's the bling on the Cons).

        I believe in spending good money on good shoes and I feel I have spent wisely.

        Now if I can click my heels 3X to get into position for the ball, I'll be thrilled :-)
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