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      Posted 06-04-2017
      4.00 An alltime classic
      I'm an intermediate player, sriver is excellent ! After testing tenergy and others last generation rubber, I finally ends up with sriver ! Good allround rubber, not as fast or spinny like tensor rubber but has more control, more dwell Time, more controlled shots, less bounciness than tensor ! You have to put your own power to generate the speed and spin, which is good to develop your strengh and techniques.
      No boost and speed glue needed.
      I pair it with a allround+ blade and I can still play powerful shot far from table

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      Posted 05-29-2017
      5.00 Mini Tenergy !
      Butterfly Rozena (44.9€) (21/04/17)
      Cheaper than Tenergy, but more expensive than most other tensor rubbers (with some "price reduction" in France for exemple)

      Speed : it is fast (isn't for beginner at all !) little bit faster than t05fx
      Spin : the spin is good but not like t05/t05fx which is spinner (more speed than 05fx but less spin because of the speed)
      Control : good control, 35 degree is great, the ball is fast and spinny but is "linear", it doesnt make any weird trajectory
      Weight : between t05fx and t80
      Hardness : between t05fx and t80, it has a harder sponge than 05fx but a more elastic topsheet than 05fx like a 80 but the overall is quite the same
      throw angle : medium/medium high (lower than t05/t05fx like the 80/80fx
      durability : seems to be good like tenergy

      special points : good for counter topspin because of a softer sponge like t05fx, also good for blocking

      Conclusion : very good rubber ! Like a mini tenergy but with lower price ! Not for beginner, it isn't so forgiving

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      Posted 12-18-2015
      5.00 Comfortable
      • Comfortab!e
      • Stability
      • Balenced
      Very comfortable blade (st handle), nice speed, nice stability and very balanced, this blade will optimized your rubbers. High quality blade. Worth your money.

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