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    Reviews posted by Michal_Z
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        Posted 01-07-2019
        5.00 Superb forehand attacking rubber!
        • Amazing spin
        • Superb control
        • Safe attacking

        To me this is top spot rubber! I decided to use it for my forehand and it was best decision!
        I use the 2.1 mm sponge and my attacks are precize and fast!
        Serves are full of spin, even pimple out players have huge trouble bringing my serves back. When I use my chop serve, most of the players put it into the net first few times. The touch play is also excellent, the ball makes what I want it to do.
        I had problems when I tryed the maxx version, that was not good - but I am too much used for the 2.1, max is just too fast for me.
        The rubber stayed in its qualities for 4 months (which is half of season here) and then I decided to change to a new one.
        I am very happy with this one!
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        Posted 01-05-2019
        5.00 The master class of the Nexxus series
        • Backhand
        • Spin
        • Powerful

        The master class of the Nexxus series.

        The GEWO Nexxus XT Pro 48 will amaze you: whether fast, powerful opening topspins or slower, spin-focused rallies: no problem with this high-end development. You will virtually feel how the ball "digs into" the rubber. Finally, you will be able to attack your opponent with a heavy- spin opener. Precise topspins, versatile attacking, variant-rich serves/returns - this spin-focused power rubber leaves nothing to be desired. The grippy and flexible top rubber sheet provides for maXXimum coupling of the ball in all attacking actions.

        This XT version is a little faster than the EL version, most suitable for the backhand.
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        Posted 07-24-2017
        5.00 Pure gold, very good feel, perfect for accurate play!
        • Good feeling
        • Accurate play

        This new blade is made in cooperation with holder of its name, Alexander Valuch of Slovakia, European U21 doubles champion. He is my friend, so I know he was directly included into development of this magnificent blade. Months of testing, calibrating and changing of the characteristics brought to the world this offensive blade. 2 kevlar carbon plys with limba and ayous made it very controlable blade, despite of its speed. Surprising control in passive situations - blocking is very accurate! Suitable with hard rubbers for agressive fast attackers with fast drives or topspins. With soft rubbers amazing blocking and feel, so huge spin potencial! Alexander always loved to play with Nittaku Violin because of its great feel. He wouldnt change his blade for anything worse! And this blade is just pure gold, very good feel, perfect for accurate play!
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        Posted 05-19-2017
        5.00 Great rubber

        Great attacking stuff! This rubber provides you such a huge spin and speed that one has to be very fast to control it! Still enough control for good blocks, but for attacking you better have good technique to control it. But if you manage to get used to this rubber, you will play some incredible topspins, huge counterspins with loads of unbelievable spin. Also amazing spin in service action! My opponents stayed stunned with portions of spin that I delivered in my services, despite of the poly ball. Even players with long pips returned my chops into the bottom of the net. Gewo Hype rubbers in general have huge spin potential and one has to wonder, why so little of professionals do not use gewo rubbers.. I recommend it to anyone wanting to attack with loads of spin and speed!
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        Posted 10-17-2015
        5.00 I like these 40+ balls
        • Not to expensive
        • Bounce well
        • Really round

        Brand new balls from TPS! TSP always made brilliant balls although its quite unknown on the market. Before, in the celluloid era, training balls from TSP with their quality matched best 3 star balls from other manufacturers! Now they present 3 star plastic balls and they are really awesome! Not that expensive, comparing to other balls, but they bounce well, they dont crack that much and they are really round! So if you play some high league, you would like to have these ;-)
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        Posted 10-14-2015
        5.00 Excellent blade for attack
        • Very good feel
        • Excellent touch
        • Great speed

        I am playing this blade for 2 years now. For that price I think that is the best I could get!
        The blade is really fast, so if you are not fast on your feet you better not choose it.
        The touch is pretty good, I can feel the ball and its easy to play.
        For me this blade is excellent!
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        Posted 02-11-2015
        5.00 Excellent attacking rubber
        • great spin
        • great feel
        • cheap

        Excellent rubber suitable for forehand or backhand attacking play.
        Generates great spin and speed, for me personally, great for backhand.
        This is a little slower rubber than Bluefire M series, but very good control and great feel.
        To me, the bluefire series from Donic are very similar to Butterfly tenergy series, just these are much cheaper..
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