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        Posted 02-08-2016
        5.00 Wave Medal Lover
        • Excellent grip
        • Durable
        • Cheap

        • harder to get
        Been using this shoes since 2008 until now. Tried others, some provides better grips, more comfortable, more good looking, some are very stiff, heavy, uncomfortable. This one is the best bang for the buck in my opinion.

        Not too dressy, certainly not eye catchers, but gives somewhat professional looks. Reasonably light, quite comfortable, but not a good walking shoes for long duration. Above average grips.

        I tried another model with regular soles (without the white dots on the soles) but it wasn't as good. So I stick with this model instead.

        One time I used a long stored pair. After a couple of use the surface got broken up/peeled off, so the shoes looked ugly, but the grip remains great. So I just put up with the ugly pairs nevertheless.

        Just a couple of weeks ago used another long stored pair and after one time play, the soles peeled off on both shoes. Took it to repair shop, had the soles sawn up and been working great since.

        The reason it got stored up a long time because I buy several pairs at a time. I'm not trying newer models because they are more expensive and might not be as good. Even if it's better it will certainly be more expensive so I'm sticking with this for now.
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        Posted 01-25-2016
        4.00 Yinhe Pluto with sponge
        • Easy to use
        • Very durable
        • Cheap

        • Bouncy
        Very fast for smashing/hitting, could load up quite heavy under spin on chops and serves, and the rubber also have quite a nice sink and wobble effects. Very good attack and defend rubber for short-medium pips out. The other popular/classic short pips I tried were too vanilla for defending and the opponent could more easily return/attack, but not with Pluto.

        Very durable, combined with the cheap price is a great bargain.

        The one with sponge is quite bouncy, better for attacking. Using thinner sponge, such as 1 mm would make this a much better all round defend and attack rubber. Didn't try the OX version.
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