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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 08-04-2016
        4.00 Excellent Rubber - Slightly lacking in spin
        • Stable
        • Fast
        • Good Control

        • Expensive
        • Lack of Spin
        I've been playing with Tenergy 64 on the Backhand for a year now.

        It's an excellent rubber for the punch blocking and blocks in general, as it doesn't absorb the spin as much as other rubbers.

        However, it is lacking in high quality spin away from the table - For this, Tenergy 05 is the much better option (it produces a higher arc).

        Recommended for a player who can control the speed, who likes to play close to the table attacking shots.
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        Posted 04-05-2016
        2.00 Very Poor
        • Roundness

        • Very Heavy
        • Shiny Surface
        • Not Spinny
        Had my first hit with these last night...... Very underwhelmed by the ball.

        First Impression:

        It has a weird metallic surface to it - It feels quite thick and heavy in the hand (and on the bat!).

        Spin generation was very poor!

        Reaction shots would typically be hit low/short due to the sheer weight of the ball.

        After an hour of solid play, I wouldn't recommend this ball at all.

        Durability seemed solid because it was such a solid ball - But it's so heavy, it wasn't an enjoyable experience!
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        Posted 03-11-2016
        5.00 The Best Feeling Blade with Power, Spin and Control
        • Great Spin
        • Super Touch
        • Fast

        Hey guys, this is my first review, so if there is anything I've missed out - Let me know!

        Just a note, I play with Tenergy 05 on Forehand and Tenergy 64 on the backhand.

        I have played with the Schlager Carbon (SC) for pretty much all my table tennis life (15 years) - So this is what I have as a benchmark.


        It's fast sure... But it's not THAT fast - It is noticeably slower than the SC. Especially away from the table. That being said, the spin that you can generate with the blade, gives it that extra pop during looping rallies which makes it superior to the SC in this respect.


        This is all subjective of course, but I found it excellent in this area.

        The SC has absolutely no "vibration", whereas with the Garaydia, you can instantly feel the ball when hitting simple forehand to forehand rallies. I'd say it was quite a bit harder than the SC. It also has a very "carbon" feel, which I personally like.


        The extra dwell I was able to get on both looping wings was excellent. Typical loops were being blocked long, and the slow loops were very difficult for the opposition to handle.


        It's not the brick wall that the SC is, but it is still excellent. Drive blocks are easy, and the extra feel I got allowed better placement.


        Overall, my initial impressions with this blade are very good.

        The build quality is clear from the off, and it's very nice in the hand.

        If you are looking for a blade to give you a bit of extra speed (or a bit less if coming from a SC), then I'd certainly recommend the Garydia ZLC
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