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        Posted 02-27-2016
        4.00 Good Training P-Ball
        • Durable
        • Very fast
        • Roundness

        • Weird look
        • Cheap sound
        I got the balls for free from Butterfly. When you open the box you immediately notice the strange colour the balls have. It is not as white as other balls are but more "dirty" and transparent. However, this does not affect you while playing I think.

        For me the balls are very good for training purposes. During four hard training sessions à two hours each one ball broke - I think that is a good result. Moreover, it is really fun to play with the balls. No unpredictable trajectory, consistent jump height and you have a good feeling when hitting the ball (they don't feel as light as other, bad polyballs).

        Whereas some people here speak in high terms of the balls' sound, I think they sound rather cheap and you easily hear that these aren't celluloid balls. But again, this does not affect your game in any way.

        Highly recommend those balls for daily training purposes, overall good ball from Butterfly, 4 stars.
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        Posted 02-17-2016
        5.00 Perfect mix of speed and control
        • ideal speedlevel
        • controllable
        • good feeling

        Before playing with the TPE Nature I had a much slower DONIC All blade with good control. However, i felt like it is time to reach another skill level with a faster blade. I tried several ones in the Off+/- range, they all were faster than my old All one of course but they felt uncontrollable to me.

        When using the TPE Nature for the first time I immediately knew that this will be my new blade.

        Despeite the change from an All blade to an Off one there is no lack of control while having any advantage of a fast blade.

        I can do whatever I want, no matter if topsin or defense with a lot of underspin (sometimes I try that). Counterloop feels very comfortable and I have the best feeling for fast and precise blocks I ever had.

        With this blade I play two Rhyzm 425 sheets.

        I recommend that blade to everyone who wants a high level of control in any situation paired with a reasonable level of speed. There are a lot of blades out there that are even much faster than the TPE Nature, no doubt, but for this speed level (what is pretty high) this blade is just perfectly balanced.
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        Posted 02-08-2016
        5.00 Satisfying rubber
        • Good control
        • Very spinny

        I have been a Tenergy05 player for some years, however, I was always looking for a cheaper alternative. After testing quite a lot rubbers I finally found the Rhyzm 425 with similar characteristics as the Butterfly rubber.

        With good control it is easy to do both slow and fast, well-placed blocks.

        Topsins at the table are no problem, even against heavy underspin players. The only thing where I liked Tenergy05 better is at counterlooping a few steps behind the table. It is no problem with Rhyzm 425 neither but the ball's feeling is slightly worse.

        As the rubber is rather spinny, you can generate a lot of spin varieties with your service.

        On average I play six hours a week, after three months the rubbers' characteristics decline noticeable and I buy a new one.
        I use this rubber both on my forehand and backhand with JOOLA TPE Nature blade.

        In conclusion, I have been playing Rhyzm 425 for two years now and for me it is a good alternative to expensive Tenergy05.
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