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        Posted 05-20-2016
        5.00 Good All-Wood Mix Style Blade !!!
        • All-Wood Feel
        • Fast and Control
        • 3rd Ball Attacks

        • Hitting
        Well, I buy this blade cuz of its price and because of my amazement to this blade. I buy it with the Xiom Omega V Euro on FH and Stiga Airoc Astro S on BH (RPB). All of the rubbers are in max thickness. I Bought my blade for $60 (Rp. 700.000 in Indonesia). Its weight is around 84-86g. I bought the penhold version of the blade. Enjoy the review.

        FH Topspin : Really great !!! Dwells much that creates a lot of spin. Controllable yet still fast and powerful to topspin from mid until away from the table. But Im not to satisfy to topspinning away from the table because it lacks a bit power so needing more effort.

        BH Topspin : BH topspinning with my RPB is also great. It keeps the trajectory low to medium and give the opponents more problems to return the stroke. Try to use a medium to medium soft rubbers on the BH, its feels great.

        Open Ups/Loops : Loops and Open ups are very effortless. The all-wood feel gives very good feedback and dwell that create a lot of spin thats hard to return. Very satisfying.

        Driving/Hitting : Lacks a bit of accuracy, but its good for me when i use it on BH (that is not RPB [the same side]) still making a good stroke.

        Blocking : Feels great. Lacks power a bit.

        Counter attacks : Very good. Pair it up with my Xiom Omega V Euro, can create a really effortless counter attacks like topspin, loops and counter drives. Creates good trajectory.

        Serving : Feels only a bit bouncy, but still can create a lot of spin.

        Short play : Feels a bit lack of control, need to adjust but when done adjusting it, I satisfated for the result. Flicks also good. 3rd ball and 5th ball is awesome.

        Conclusion : For me this the weapon that RPB Penholders searching. Its easy to create a very strong 3rd ball. I recommended for mix to agressive players that still like to play with power.

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        Posted 05-20-2016
        5.00 The Spin Creating Anti Spin
        • Blocks, Topspin
        • Durability
        • Counter Attacks

        Hi guys !!! This is my best FH rubber that I used and I gonna do some simple reviews of it.

        Warming : This rubber is really good. It is great in hitting and FH blocking. But I kind of need extra speed in hitting. To do that you need to hit harder.

        Serving : Using 2 of my main serves, reverse underspin pendulum and high toss backspin serves, it was really good. Creates a lot of spin and makes many of my opponents make errors. Using fast serves also good. My fast serves really cast many of my opponents.

        Short Play : Also good, but usually leads the ball to the net. Need to get the racket more under neat the ball, but still its good for shorts. When I have the opportunity to do the FH flick, it is spinny, fast and direct with extreme accuracy.

        FH Topspin : It is really good. Close and mid from the table. Spinny and have good throw. This is one of the reason I choosed for FH.

        BH Topspin : I don't use it for BH Topspinning as well I'm a Penholder with RPB. Well, I use Stiga Airoc Astro S for my RPB.

        Blocking : It is very good for Blocking cuz of its speciality that dont even react to spin. Good for FH and BH (not RPB) blocking. I also can do good drop shots.

        Counter Attacks : The rubber is very very very very good and excellent for counter attacking. It is a pleasure with this rubber. Very precise and spinny. You can add extra speed with more power.

        Loops/Opening Loops : It is good for looping. The first opening loop is easy, if the opponent return the loop, you can do the second killing loop.

        Drives/Hitting : Good for hitting, still direct.

        Chopping : Alsso good as it doesnt react to incoming spin.

        Durability : This is also very good it still acts like a new rubber even used after 4 months.

        Well, I recommend this rubber for mix style play that likes to play with power. My setup is Blade : Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Penhold , FH : This rubber and my BH : Stiga Airoc Astro S

        P.S : Sorry for any mistakes on my english.
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        Posted 05-20-2016
        5.00 Edit
        • Direct shots on
        • backhand Drives
        • Good for 40+

        • Cleaning needed
        At last I will permanently use this rubber for my BH. It was very good. Spin, Speed and Control everything is amazing. I'm turning from the Chinese style play into Hybrid play of Chinese and Euro/Jap style. Very good. Now My RPB is much much better than before. Well, its fast and with a bit medium throw. But still good
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        Posted 04-03-2016
        5.00 Suits My BH Permanently !!!
        • Direct, Precise
        • Compression
        • Dwell Time

        • Low Throw-Angle
        • Suits BH Only
        At last find my permanent RPB BH Rubber, The RASANT BEAT !!! This rubber packs more speed, spin and also control when compared then the Powersponge version. The soft green sponge is very good for my BH. Easy direct blocking and Drives.
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        Posted 04-01-2016
        5.00 Another Great Green Sponge
        • Super Durable
        • Loop and Drives
        • Spin and Control

        • Less Speed
        • On FH only good>
        • ...for Open Loop
        I buy this rubber because of 4 barometers. That is Lightweight, Green Sponge, Softer Rasant than the Turbo version and Control. Well, in my opinion is not to good in my FH. Maybe because of the low throw angle but good for close open loops. I use it on my BH and its awesome.
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        Posted 03-28-2016
        5.00 Super Speed and Outstanding Control !!! Amazing !!!
        • Fast and Control
        • Anything Else
        • Durable Enough

        • A bit Heavy
        • Nothing
        I found this blade is really solid for CH.Pen and not so head heavy in mine. To make this blade durable when changing the rubber, use 2 layers Stiga Attach Power Glue. The glue is specialize for this blade. This blade can do anything. It is one of the best blade I had. For me, it is an OFF+ blade. Use it and no need to search other blades, except if there is another better blade.
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        Posted 03-28-2016
        5.00 Stiga Intensity NCT
        • Loops, Topspins
        • Trajectory
        • Shorts, Drives

        • Blocking
        • Smashing
        After I buy The Rosewood NCT V, I'm sad that the trajectory of the Rosewood is mdium low. Just hours ago I started to order the Intensity NCT Penhold. When it arrives I immediately glue my H3Prov and T64 into it and test it. Amazing Penhold blade. Its good even with RPB. Good for serves, shorts, flicks, drives, open loops, counter loops, forehand counter topspin and drop shots. The only less thing is power. This blade has controllable power that makes me like it. Only need more effort when blocking and smashing. Has ultra amount of dwell time that makes me create a large amount of spin. Has many margin for error and my friends came and and practice with me, gets so many difficulties. This blade is also ultra light. Amazing penhold blade from Stiga. Thats why Xu Xin using this ultimate weapon.
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        Posted 03-27-2016
        5.00 Stiga Rosewood NCT V
        • Spin, Serves
        • Drives, Shorts
        • Loops, Counters

        • Nothing
        I switch from my Ebenholz NCT V cuz I found myself problems to drive with the Ebenholz so when I buy T64, I also order this blade instead. This blade is just in my desire. Good for RPB Penhold Chinese Style Drive play. It fix all my problem. Suitable with my DHS H3 Prov Blue Sponge and T64. Its also very light. I also can create a lot of spin on serves and spin on anything because of the amazing amount of dwell time. Also this blade is better for RPB penhold than the Ebenholz in my opinion.
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        Posted 03-27-2016
        5.00 Amazing RPB Rubber
        • Open Ups
        • Counter Drives
        • Blocks and Push

        • Less Spin
        Well my T64 arrives faster than I thought. The T64 that I just ordered just came and I gonna do a simple review of it. First of all, it feels slightly softer than T05 and T80. It us the fastest in the Tenergy series and the least spin. When doing some testing of this rubber, I use it on my BH. It is good for blocking and drives. Now I know why many Chinese top players use T64 on their BH. Cuz they like to do mid-distance drives with their BH. My playing style is the same. Flicks with thus rubber are marvelous. I recommend to use this rubber with a high trajectory blade so can keep precision in close and far distance. Note this !! this rubber is good for counter-drive not counter-attack. BH Open ups are also good. I also like my BH 3rd and 5th ball attacks. I usually use FH on 3rd balls but my BH also works. Thats what I can review.
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        Posted 03-26-2016
        5.00 Tenergy 80 Opinion
        • Counter Attacks
        • Spin & Chops
        • Flicks & Touches

        • Expensive
        • Drives
        • Powerful on BH
        Just buy this rubber to pair my Ebenholz NCT V. For me, this rubber only powerful on my BH side. But the spin are ok. Counter attacks are the best in the Tenergy series. Touch and Flicks too. This rubber is also not recommended for drives. The ball always goes high. But thats the good thing in mid-distance.
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        Posted 03-26-2016
        5.00 Dream Come True !!! At Last !!!
        • Loop
        • Short Games
        • Anything

        • BH Drives
        • Nothing Else LOL
        Just buy this blade in the PEN Version. First of all, when started using this I got the best feeling. I can do anything. Loop, Powerloops, Power Topspins. Counters are the dream to heavens. Its hard, but has good dwell time. Pair it with T80 in the BH are the best. Still using this blade with my H3 Prov Blue Sponge. My racket becomes the best in my club. I oove this blade better than the Emerald VPS or even the Intensity Carbon and Non-Carbon. This blade is also better than the Rosewood series. Thats all I can review about this amazing blade from Stiga.
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        Posted 03-25-2016
        5.00 Too Fast, Spin???
        • Speed
        • Blocking
        • Drives

        • Reasonable Spin
        Trying my friend's rubber and I kinda like it for my BH. But the only thing the spin. Thats all.
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        Posted 03-25-2016
        5.00 Stiga Emerald VPS V

        Is good quality maks me like it for an all-wood blade. Fast and Spinny also Controllable
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        Posted 03-25-2016
        5.00 Best Penhold Blade Ever !!!
        • Shorts
        • Power Topspins
        • Loops

        • Very Very Fast
        • Not for Beginner
        At last, found the perfect RPB Penhold blade for me. Good for fast and powerful topspins.
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        Posted 03-23-2016
        5.00 Best Stiga Rubber for my FH
        • Serves
        • Shorts & Flicks
        • Counter-Loop

        • Average Weight
        • Nothing Else
        I switched my FH from the Airoc Astro S into this rubber cuz my problem in short games when using Airoc Astro S. Before switching into this rubber I tried my friends T05, T80 and Xiom Sigma Euro II also the Calibra LT Plus. With T05, the problem is, the rubber is so hard that is hard to control and when I loop, my friends easily counter-loop my loops. Different problem with T80. With the T80, when playing close, it always lead the ball off the table, even with less effort. Now the problem of Xiom Sigma Euro II. The rubber isn't suits my blade, The Intensity NCT Carbon. The dwell time with the Sigma is ultra short. Same problem with the Calibra LT Plus cuz of the super-hard sponge. But those problems I didn't encountered with the Calibra LT. With The Calibra LT, I can execute any of my friend strokes and fits well with my Chinese style of play. And this rubber fix my problem in short games and still the best for flicks. But for BH, I still use the Airoc Astro S
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        Posted 03-23-2016
        5.00 Best Stiga rubber
        • Loop and Drive
        • Counter Attacks
        • BH Attacks

        • Gears
        My best Stiga rubber so far. Im using it niw in the intensity carbon and all my shots are amazing. Fh and bh topspins are superb. Drives and underspin loops are the best. The only bad news is touching. The less amount of gear makes touching super low, but gew adjustment makes touches with this rubber deadly. Im an rbp penholder with chinese style of technique, with this thing counter loops and topspins are efffortless. Serves are good too
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        Posted 03-21-2016
        5.00 Butterfly Tenergy 25-FX
        • Precise
        • Spin on BH drive
        • Counter Attack

        • Not so fast
        • Only good on BH
        This rubber was amazingly precise on my bh when used with the stiga emerald vps penhold blade (as i am a penholder). But some problems when i flip my racket and use it on forehand. When start playing on mid to far distance it always direct the ball to the net. For me its good on flicking, agressive counter attack and bh drive. My opinion this rubber suits more for bh than fh. Spin is ok. Weight is far lighter that the non-FX version and its also controllable.
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        Posted 03-05-2016
        5.00 Stiga Mantra H Review
        • Great Speed
        • Heavy Rotation

        • Hard Sponge
        • Low Throw angle
        I don't even know that the rubber will be, but maybe like the ratings below
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