Outstanding offensive rubber.

M1 is a fast, hard, heavy and bouncy offensive high throw rubber with very good spin.

Despite being really fast, M1 is controllable, has a decent short game with good touch, but you have to be careful with your pushes because it is a bouncy rubber.

It's good for active and passive blocks and works great flat hitting over the table. M1 top sheet has good aderence making it easy to lift underspin, but you need a well developed full stroke to unleash all the potential of this beast because players with a light or underdeveloped stroke often will not find anything but net. With a correct stroke it is a high throw rubber with a nice arc and once the sponge is working the amount of spin and speed available are really high.

M1 is usable over the table, but it's a powerful offensive rubber that really shines away from the table on power loops. It's easy to clear the net with this rubber with forehand or backhand if your stroke is correct.

Spin on serves is good, but since it is a bouncy rubber you may pay attention to keep the ball low.

There is not anything on the offensive game that this rubber can't do well.

If you are an offensive player that like to kill the points whenever the opportunity raises it is a great tool, but if you play passively with lazy strokes it's better look elsewhere.