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    Reviews posted by Ahmad Arnous
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    Reviews Rubbers(3)
        Posted 07-31-2016
        5.00 Amazing blade
        • Price
        • Control
        • Feeling

        • Speed
        This is my blade now and once balde i have.. Firstly i like say : you cant go wrong with siaga allround classic , this blade with fast rubber can make any thing , i use stiga airoc m on FH and tibhar 5Q on my BH and it is good sound ,the power of allround calssic in counter attack
        Serve is good ,you can generate alot of spin ,,,,
        Far of the table this blade not very good but with hard rubber it's ok
        Realy nice item for any level ecpeically for beginners
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        Posted 07-30-2016
        4.00 Perfect rubber for backhand :)
        • soft
        • easy to play
        • durability

        • insensitive to incoming spin
        • lose its grip quickly
        very good rubber, if the durability make you worried go for 5Q, enough spin, and block with it is a breeze, catapult effect is low in comparing with other tensors like tenergy, MX-P ..etc, it doesn't sensitive to incoming spin and that ease the blocks and serves returning with it, medium throw angle, it is worth a try.
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        Posted 07-30-2016
        5.00 The best .
        • Spinny
        • Throw angle
        • Feeling

        • Expensive
        • Not easy to
        • Control
        What this !! It might be machine
        I play tenergy 05 on my friend's bat .. I surprised from the high quality that tenergy ,, if you have enouph money ,, you will play with tenergy only
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        Posted 07-30-2016
        4.00 Nice ball with low price !
        • Price
        • Feeling

        • Easily broken
        I buy tow pieces of this ball , it is very comfotable with soft rubber especially in training !
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        Posted 06-25-2016
        5.00 Best
        • Spin
        • Puches

        • Serve
        My first rubber and and very good feeling for that
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