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    Reviews Rubbers(4)
        Posted 12-03-2015
        5.00 Maxxx 400, 40 degree sponge
        • Spinny
        • Backhand Rubber
        • Medium Soft

        • shrinks
        Great rubber for FH and BH. I've said this quite a bit, but our rhyzm line has always seemed to be more of a speedster while our maxxx line has always focused more on spin.

        After you glue it, it will probably shrink a little bit when you reglue it. Also with all of our maxxx and rhyzm lines you're likely to get it pre-tuned from the factory. So if you're using the water based glues it is a pain to reglue so you can pretty much do 2 things. Either just glue a layer on top of the old glue or make sure to use good white glue like finezip, haifu, dianchi or dhs.

        I personally liked this rubber on the BH. As with any of the newer rubbers these days durability is really low compared to rubbers from a few years past. But then that makes sense as with any business that relies on repeat customers rubbers that last too long (1-3 years) will not make them profitable. It costs a lot to purchase the fees for certification and then get a mold ready then you have to play around with the composition as best you can since all rubbers in ESN (major European rubber manufacturer) are basically the same. Doesn't matter if it's JOOLA, Donic, Stiga or Adidas you're most likely looking at an ESN rubber. These days with the plastic ball brands are all about the grippy surface and bouncy sponge.

        But what that means is that your rubbers will not last as long as they used to. If you're training with a plastic ball it also means that you're going to lose durability because the balls just do more damage than the celluloid ball did. They're a bit heavier and have a little more friction and they break all the time which scratches the rubbers more than celluloid did.

        So just in general you'll find that you're rubbers don't last as long with Plastic as they did with celluloid.

        MSRP $64.95
        Everyday $59.95
        MAP $39.95

        PM me if in the USA, I can probably get it for cheaper.
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        Posted 12-03-2015
        4.00 Energy Xtra, Soft rubber.
        • Spinny
        • Soft rubber
        • Backhand Rubber

        • old style rubber
        This rubber was great on the backhand. It's soft at 37.5 degrees, but it definitely has more of a kick than the Xsoft. Before Tenergy came out this rubber definitely had potential to be a good speed glue replacement. However since it's got a less porous sponge it's nothing compared to rubbers these days. It definitely has a great sound when you're looping with it.

        The rubber is super spinny and has a decent kick to it. It's great for mid distance and close to the table. I often recommend this as a BH rubber for anyone who likes to spin and is upgrading from something slower. Once you have good feeling it's a great rubber to upgrade to from say Sriver G3 or any of the beginner rubbers.

        After it's been glued for a while it will definitely start to lose it's kick faster than modern rubbers. That's basically what I mean about Old Style Rubbers.

        MSRP $54.95
        Everyday $49.95
        MAP $37.95

        If you're in the US I can probably get you a better price PM me.
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        Posted 12-02-2015
        4.00 Brave is discontinued.
        • Spinny
        • FH / BH
        • Great Feeling

        • Chips Easy
        • Discontinued
        Brave was a limited run rubber, made in Japan.

        It's actually a great rubber for spinning and over the table looping. Yue 'Jennifer' Wu, USA 2016 Olympian used this rubber and liked it, but as it became discontinued she decided to switch to Maxxx 500 and Maxxx-P

        This rubber is pretty awesome to counter off the bounce with. It's a fusion Chinese feeling, but japanese bounce to it. I would probably compare this to Sriver G3 and other great rubbers that spin well.

        If you can find a good sheet this rubber is great, but just know since it's been discontinued for at least a few years there's a good chance you'll end up buying a baked sheet that is no good.

        MSRP $49.95
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        Posted 12-02-2015
        4.00 Energy 325 Soft Rubber junkies rejoice.
        • Spinny
        • Controllable
        • Backhand Rubber

        • Not very fast
        • Old style rubber
        Energy 325 is a rebranded Energy Xsoft rubber. It's a great rubber on the backhand or even a step up for beginners using a mambo/sriver type rubber to learn the fundamentals.

        If your style involves blocking or quick counters off the bounce this rubber is great to play with. You will lose power mid distance, so stay away if you're looking for a good mid distance rubber.

        MSRP $54.95

        Everyday pricing $49.95

        Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) $37.95

        I can probably go below the MAP pricing if you're in the USA and interested PM me.
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