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        Posted 05-07-2015
        5.00 Balanced Blade
        • Nice feedback
        • Speed
        • Control

        I have mostly used wood blades but I wanted to use a carbon blade to produce a good speed easier.
        So I bought a Primorac Carbon. I was a great blade. However I was missing something that all wood blades gave me. It was feedback.
        I was blessed to try and buy this blade. It gives me great feedback. I know with the feeling when I produced a quality shot and when I didn´t.
        It gives me great control with Xiom Vega pro on both sides. I can feel how I can hold the ball during a topsping. It is such a nice feeling you will lose with most carbon blades.

        This blade produces a lot of speed. My shot are mainly spinny and the attacks get really fast when the ball bounces on the other side of the table.
        This is a high quality blade which I decided to use instead of timo boll innerforce alc.
        It doesn´t have anything to envy from Butterfly.
        It might have been created as a clone but they made a gem.
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        Posted 05-07-2015
        5.00 Excellent for attacker focused on spin
        • Spin
        • Control
        • Feeling

        Most people complain that it is not a tenergy. I am actually happen it is not a tenergy.
        I love its softer sponge. Along with the blade it gives a better feeling and control.
        Eventhough I come from using Hurricane 3 which is a hard rubber its tackiness and some booster were all I needed.
        But with this rubber I saved all the hassle and even though it requires good technique, it is not as demanding as the H3.

        This rubber was designed for spin but don´t let that fool you, you will be able to blast the ball with proper technique.
        Since I am not a Ma Long, I rather start with more spinny shots to keep attacking and find my winning ball.
        I try to do this at least with good blockers. Against other player I can just power loop or a spinny loop can end the point.

        For blocking this rubber is a lot more easier to control than the Hurricane 3. This rubber has helped me improve my blocking skills which I have tried to improve.
        I am mostly an attacking player. Therefore I find more pressure when I am not the first one to attack. This is why I have been working on my blocking skills to stay closer to the table instead of trying to start a counterloop rally.

        You can push the ball easily and when reading the spin properly you can add a lot of backspin as well.

        To help the durability of the rubber, I use a wide edge tape.

        It is definitely a good rubber and for the price is just perfect.
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