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    Reviews posted by anelo
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    Reviews Rubbers(3)
        Posted 02-29-2016
        4.00 a very well balanced rubber
        • balance
        • control
        • linear

        This rubber is a kind of Tenergy80 with a topsheet a bit harder.
        Control, spin, linearity, medium-high throw
        No real weakness
        I like it especially for my backhand. On the forehand I prefer the soft feel of the Tenergy tosheet... but I should try this JP02 once more on my forehand.
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        Posted 02-29-2016
        4.00 wonderful touch but Too fast for me
        • nice feel
        • dwell time
        • spiny

        • too fast
        • low throw
        This blade is really a very good blade !
        The outer limba gives a wonderful feel, huge dwell time for such a fast blade, allows very spiny shots, and makes this blade very controlable in the short game and blocks.
        But, I did not appreciate its low throw, especially for my forehand.
        It's also very fast, too fast for me.
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        Posted 10-15-2015
        4.00 The successor of mark v
        • very spinny
        • little tacky
        • very durable

        • tensor effect
        I play very often with the Rakza 7, and I don't understand why so few people play with it.
        It's a very spinny rubber : enough for good serves, efficient topspins.
        It's a little tacky : I like this especially for playing short game
        It has quite a high throw : Not as high as a T05, but enough for feeling very safe in first attack on backspin for example, or playing away from the table.
        It's not a linear rubber, you can feel a tensor effect.. especially with thick sponge. That's why I like to play with only 1.8mmm on my backhand.
        I think that Rakza7 might be considered as the successor of the Mak V.
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        Posted 02-10-2015
        5.00 perfect balance in Tenergy family
        • balance
        • spin
        • power

        If the T05 is too spin-sensitive, if the T64 is too fast, then try the T80.
        I think it's the perfect Tenergy for medium level players.
        It's the easyest one, the most forgiving. But it's still a Tenergy ! power, spin, touch, durability...
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        Posted 02-10-2015
        5.00 The holy Grail!
        • control
        • spin
        • accuracy

        The holy grail !

        This blade is fast and powerful! but I keep maximum control.
        The outter ply made of limba makes the short game so easy, and helps me to generate lot of spin.
        I feel like I am able to play the ball where I want... every shot is accurate.
        It's quite stiff, so block is very easy. But it is flexible enough to play slow and spinny topspins.
        The dwell-time is very long for a composite blade.
        Evrything is under control.
        Actually, I'm not able to find any fault in this blade.

        Mine is 82g but it doesn't lack any power.

        This blade made me forget my Viscaria.

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