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    Reviews posted by chintanmashroo
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        Posted 09-13-2018
        5.00 Tenergy Alternative
        • Spin
        • Blocks
        • Speed

        I just wanted to give this rubber a try as I loved Rasant Grip.

        Initial Impressions:
        Looping: Tenergy 05 alternative slightly low on speed from mid distance.
        Blocks: Less sensitive to incoming spin and can easily make placements on table
        Power Loops: Perfect rubber for power loops and backhand openings
        Spin: The rubber grabs the ball really well, making it a good weapon for spiny serves.

        If you are looking for a controlled spinny rubber to play from close to mid distance, this is the best one available in the market.
        If you find MXP - harder and Tenergy 05 difficult to control, but still want that premium grippy feel, this one is for you.
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        Posted 09-13-2018
        5.00 Feel and Control
        • Feeling
        • Handle
        • Blocks

        • Headshape
        Bought this amazing blade last week and played for approx 50 hours. and the feeling is WOW even after all these sessions.
        It is a simple 5-ply blade with the outerply as top notch spruce wood. The blade gives a good power from mid distance looping and close to the table blocks are just amazing. Punch blocks are a con as this blade is not meant for that. I have tried Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial Orange and Hexer Grip rubbers on this blade and extremely happy with the results. This is my 2nd Love after Virtuoso+
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        Posted 02-27-2018
        5.00 The best blade for Feel and Spin
        • Tons of Feeling
        • Handle Comfort
        • Craftsmanship

        • BH Punch Blocks
        Before I post the review of this amazing blade, here is the list of blades that I have and played with during my EJing time:

        Premade Bats:
        - GKI KungFu Dx
        - GKI Offensive XX
        - Donic schildkrot Carbotec 7000


        - Stiga Offensive Classic WRB [GKI Hybrid GX(Max) + GKI Hybrid GX(Max)]
        - Stiga Allround Evolution [Vega Pro(Max) + Vega Pro(Max)]
        - Nittaku Septear [Evolution MXP(1.9-2.0) + Gold Arc 5 42.5(2.0)]
        - Xiom Feel ZX1 [Evolution MXP(Max) + Omega V Pro(Max)]
        - Stiga Arctic Wood [Rakza X(Max) + Omega V Asia(Max)]
        - Nittaku Ma Long 7 [Hurricane 3 Turbo(Max) + (Hurricane 3 Turbo(Max)]
        - Yinhe U1 VB [Palio Drunken Dragon(2.2) + Palio Conqueror(2.2)]
        - BBCharlie 9-10-9 [Yinhe Sun(Max) + Yinhe Moon Speed(Max)]
        - Xiom Feel ZX3 [Omega V Euro(Max) + Hurricane 3 Neo National(Max)]
        - Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon [Aurus Prime(Max) + Omega VII pro(Max)]

        And finally, my EJing days came to an end with this master piece.

        Blade Composition:

        Limba + Arylate-Carbon (ALC) + Limba + Ayous + Limba + Arylate-Carbon (ALC) + Limba

        First Impressions:

        Excellent Craftsmanship and Extremely comfortable handle. Once you get this blade out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the looks. Damn!
        I paired them with Evolution MXP on both the sides. During warmup, I was astonished to get this feeling of ball grab + a slight vibration which tells you where did the ball contact blade.


        I noticed from free point forehand rallies that the speed of this blade is similar to Viscaria. Precision shots were like a piece of cake and easy to execute.


        Spin is one of the best qualities of this blade. If your game is focused on spin, your search for "my blade" ends here.


        Controlling offensive shots close to the table was very easy; however, away from table, I had to focus on brushing the ball well to generate extreme power.
        p.s. this does not mean that the blade is slow.

        Counterloop and blocking:
        This is the area where I am currently focusing on with this blade and I had to adjust my technique to get the ball on the table.

        Which rubbers should you consider pairing with?
        The throw angle of this blade is medium and you should pair hard rubbers to make sure you get that precise powerloop near the edge of the table.
        Omega VII Pro
        Omega V Pro
        Gold Arc 8
        Rasanter R 47

        If you are looking a blade which will give you the perfect balance between speed, spin and control without loosing the feeling; stop searching and get this one.
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