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    Reviews Rubbers(5)
        Posted 12-28-2018
        5.00 Masterpiece of blade engineering
        • Great control
        • Great grip
        • Zippy fast

        Mine's at 86 grams.

        One of my favorite blades.
        It's build is very smart. The koto outer ply is hard and crispy, sort of 'insulating' the rest of the blade from ball impact and vibration, so weak shots are short (serves are especially easy to keep short and spinny, as well as short returns).

        It synergises extremely well with soft and medium-hard rubbers too (for example, T05 which is most commonly used with it), making those ultra spinny on serves especially, because it's relative stiffness/hardness helps you maximize the effect of those rubbers.

        The grip on the Viscaria is the most comfortable of any blade I've held except the LSW. Pretty much the same. The handle fills the hand perfectly and allows for a solid grip without any effort, and the way the wings are made allow you to hold it further up if you want without the blade digging into your hand.
        A solid comfortable grip also allows for easier topspins.

        The blade is relatively hard and stiff. Much more so than most wood blades and limba/ayous type blades. It's solidity helps you maximize the effect of the rubbers, providing a more stable counter-force to the ball so it can sink deeper into the sponge, which is why people are impressed with it's spin capabilities (this is the main factor here. Not flex or softness, since it doesn't have much of either compared to most blades).

        All in all, one of the best blades in the world and the one most commonly used (by a huge margin) by professionals as well.
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        Posted 12-26-2018
        5.00 Incredibly spinny backhand
        • Spin
        • 40grams
        • Bulletproof

        An absolutely excellent backhand rubber (and forehand if you like a light setup and soft feel with tons of spin). The best I know.

        It's an old rubber so it has the old style thicker topsheet. But in this case it's one incredible topsheet. It's bulletproof in terms of durability, the longest lasting rubber other than the xiom vegas of the same generation and chinese sticky rubbers, and also incredibly grippy, biting into the ball and spinning the shit out of it. You can very easily feel how it bites into the ball with every shot which is an excellent feeling, also giving you a ton of control over placement.

        It's a very light rubber as well, weighing about 40 grams cut
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        Posted 08-06-2018
        4.00 featherweight, powerful rubber
        • Featherweight
        • Fast
        • Cheap

        • Serves
        • Non-grippy topsheet (thin, new style)
        This rubber, when cut, weighs.... wait for it..... 38 grams. That's right. With a 47 hardness sponge at that.
        That is absolutely freakin phenomenal.
        With this rubber on both wings the bat feels like air. You can accelerate as if you're holding nothing.


        There are variations, some rubbers can be heavier and so lose the main advantage.
        Also, the topsheet is of the new variety (very thin topsheet), so it doesn't bite on the ball. And of course, it is a lower grade rubber, at only $10, so you can't expect that much of it, but it delivers easily over double the price.

        I wouldn't use it on backhand because the backhand needs more grippy topsheet, but for forehand you can get pretty much any kind of spin, since it rewards deep spongey contact (like the new thin rubbers in general).

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        Posted 03-14-2018
        5.00 Excellent compromise of all needs
        • Very Flexible
        • Does everything
        • Best Spin

        • Expensive
        A soft, huge headed, but very flexible and surprisingly fast blade thanks to it's innerforce-type Zylon layers.
        Normally you'd think something like that will be pretty slow (and it indeed is slow, in the 'innerforce zlf' blade), but they somehow tampered with the build and made the nearly identical LSW ZLF, which is a much faster blade (it is said that the only difference is in the manner of how they glued the different layers together).

        This is a great blade for powerful, spinny topspin and one of the blades with the highest throw on a topspin, so works great with low/medium throw hard/tacky rubbers (like the Battle 2 I use).
        Not much else to say. It does everything fine. It is not the best blade for driving or timid blocks, or any kind of timid play in general because its high flexibility requires you to also have motion and angle when you touch the ball. If you don't do that correctly the ball will be inconsistent because of the high flex, but if you do then the high flex will play in your favor and give you very fast and spinny balls that you'd be hard pressed to get with other blades.
        That said, your balls will never be as fast or direct as topspins with a blade like a viscaria or DHS H301, but will be safer because of the throw. Backhand also will be very safe and fast - I feel this blade is especially good for backhand, where it is very fast, spinny and much safer than with viscaria type blades.

        You can also definitely feel the woodiness of the blade, but the zylon layer also has a distinctive feel to it which does deaden the natural feel.
        But then, if you play with this kind of blade you should be at a level where this will not disturb you too much.
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        Posted 03-09-2018
        5.00 Blade with most Gears
        • Linearity
        • Gears

        • Can be too fast
        It is a blade made with the same philosophy as the Hurricane rubber after which it is named.

        The outer layer is hard (koto wood) which insulates the inner layers from impact so long as the impact is weak, meaning that touch play with this blade is exquisite, possibly the best of all my blades.
        The ALC weave comes only after the second wood ply, next to the wood core, so the high speed it can generate requires you to use power to activate it. It does not come immediately, thus giving a very linear grading of speeds which are very easy to access and control.
        So all in all it's like a hurricane rubber. Great for very soft touches and very speedy when YOU give it power, thus it is a blade for more advanced players in good health.

        I think it is a brilliant cross of a viscaria and an innerforce, given the koto outer layer and the placement of the carbon layer, which gives it the best linearity and gears of any blade I've tried.

        The only problem I find is that after the carbon is truly activated, it can be... well, it can get too fast. For me at least. It is also a bit harder to attack backspin balls reliably with this blade compared to others, since you have to generate all of the power there and therefore can be too prone to mistake.
        The throw of this blade is low (again in keeping with the hurricane rubber theme), which makes topspins very sharp, direct and deadly fast, but not so safe. This is especially noticeable with backhand, which requires very good technique for safety. So in effect the great strengths of this blade also make for weaknesses, which is why it is not a blade for a beginner.
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        Posted 12-18-2017
        4.00 Great BH Rubber
        • Soft
        • Fast(ish)
        • Comfortable

        • A bit too heavy
        • A bit too hard
        • A bit too slow
        An excellent backhand rubber, just not up to par with other backhand rubbers. I suppose it would be great for someone who has a personal preference for it.
        It's soft, but just a bit too hard. It's light, but not quite as light as, say, AK47 Blue. It's tacky, but not tacky enough to affect the 40+ Polyball significantly.
        If these things were changed just slightly it'd be an excellent rubber for BH as far as I'm concerned.

        Should be noted that this is probably DHS' fastest line of rubbers and the speed is definitely easy to feel over more effort-intensive forehand rubbers like the H3.
        It is instantly noticeable that it is a much faster and more direct rubber.

        A solid 8 I guess, but why buy a solid 8 when you can get a 9.5 I remain unsure.
        I guess it is a matter of personal taste at that point.
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        Posted 12-07-2017
        3.00 The Great Practice Rubber
        • Spin
        • Block

        • Stupidly Heavy
        • Deteriorates
        I found this rubber pointless because it's so heavy that its main advantage is negated. It's great at spin, but if it were half as spinny and 20 grams lighter you could accelerate more easily and get all that spin and more back on most shots.

        This rubber makes you feel amazing in training shots, where you have time and foreknowledge of what shot you're playing, so you can get everything prepared and hit a wonderful spinny shot. In a fast game its weight drags your whole bat down, making it harder to align it fast enough and accelerate unless the shot is really well prepared and position is perfect.

        Great practice rubber, but not a good one for actual play. Other rubbers do it better.
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        Posted 12-07-2017
        4.00 The perfect backhand rubber
        • Speed
        • Feather light

        • so-so topsheet
        At this price, it's a no-cons rubber if you stick it on the backhand, as you should.

        Good speed, which is especially noticable when topspinning backspin balls and all manner of serve return.
        One of the lightest rubbers on the market, which improves your whole bat and your performance, also making a hard sponge heavier rubber for the FH more viable.

        Soft sponge makes up for lack of significant body rotation in the backhand and makes wrist motions all the more pronounced as it grabs the ball in.

        The topsheet isn't on par with rubbers supposed to fill the same need like Rakza7 Soft etc and the ball leaves the racket a lot faster with less spin. But this may be good for some, and expected given it's like 1/3 the price or less.

        Also, ignore these TT1 commercials here, this rubber costs $10 if you order it from aliexpress and shipment is free

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