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    Reviews Blades(2)
        Posted 12-16-2018
        4.00 Waldner Offensive 2016
        • Excellent finish
        • Controllable

        • Unusual shape

        I picked up the blade for an amazing 26€ which was a real steal. The finish is excellent and I didn't have to sand the wings (which I almost always do). I've got Tibhar Hybrid K1 on my forehand and Stiga Mantra S on my backhand.

        The blade plays quite similar to the Butterfly Korbel but is a touch slower. Excellent dwell time during loops but takes some getting used to in the short game. Extremely easy to block with.

        The head/blade shape and the wings are a bit unusual (quite similar to the Banda blades of the early 90ies) and takes some getting used to. The handle is quite thin and longer than most other ST blades that I have tried. The handle is really compatible with my backhand but the forehand grip took some adjust compared to the normal Stiga FL handles that I'm used to.

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        Posted 06-13-2018
        5.00 Top quality
        • Good finish
        • Controllable

        I'm extremely happy with this blade. The finish is extremely good (sanded wings etc) and it feels quite light at 82g. The packaging seem to have improved during the past years as it comes in a fairly high end packaging.

        Very controllable compared to the Stiga Clipper which I used with the same rubber setup (FH: H3 Neo BH: 729 B2). Extremely well suited for a topspin oriented game.
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