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        Posted 12-26-2018
        4.00 Great blade but a little heavy
        • Great Power

        • Heavy
        My NBF is a great looking blade but a little on the heavy side at 95g, frequency at 1378Hz. So I slapped on a 2.0 T05FX on one side and a 1.9 Rozena on the other. Total weight 182g, 20g heavier than my Darker Speed 90(blade freq of 2131Hz) but still manageable. I do feel the effect after a half hour of play time. The ball contact sound is not as crispy and firecracker(y) as the DS90 but still good. This blade handles the T05FX and Rozena better than the DS90 did, it hits/loops/blocks more powerful than the DS90 but somewhat slower due to it's heavier weight and lower blade frequency. Very nice short game, good control, great power FH loop/hit from mid-range. BH loop/hit is good and powerful at first but harder for me as time goes by because of it's weight. It does play more like an all wood than a composite blade. I do feel some flex, less than that of the DS90. My next test is to put on a couple of thinner rubbers and see what the weight is and how it react to thinner rubbers.
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