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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 01-20-2018
        5.00 High quality TT shoes
        • Great grip
        • Breathable
        • Comfortable

        I have been using these shoes for the last few weeks and I am very pleased with them. They have a snug and comfortable fit which is perfect for agile table tennis movements. Also great grip on the soles, and have a sleek modern design and are a more elegant colour then a lot of modern table tennis shoes in my opinion. Not flashy, just simple and smart design suitable for men and women equally. Would definitely recommend these shoes to people, although these aren't the lightest shoes I've ever had they are definitely not heavy and offer very good support too. Obviously as I haven't been wearing the shoes for a long extended amount of time I can't comment too much on the durability, but they certainly seem of a higher quality than previous Stiga shoes.
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        Posted 06-29-2016
        5.00 Stiga Genesis
        • Great grip/spin
        • Very controllable

        I have been using the Genesis M 2.0 rubbers for the last few weeks and it's a fantastic rubber. The high amount of grip it has is key for the spin it can generate, I found in comparison to the Tenergy series it has even greater spin. However tenergy does still have perhaps a slight edge on speed, but for players looking for a controllable and spinny rubber this is perfect. Don't get me wrong Genesis is still fast with a good high arc and spring. Very impressive new release from Stiga I think it will become extremely popular, it is a great middle ground between a Chinese style hard hurricane type rubber and a European style high tension type rubber!
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        Posted 10-06-2015
        5.00 Stiga Hybrid wood review
        • Good feeling
        • Fast and crisp
        • Great handle

        I have used this blade for a number of years now, since the speed glue ban was introduced in fact! There are several reasons I love this blade, its very fast but with a great feeling when the ball contacts. Its an all wood blade so has great control compared to other blades of a similar speed with carbon. It has a comfortable and great feeling handle and a smart design.

        If your looking for a very quick blade with great control and balance this is for you!
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        Posted 04-19-2015
        5.00 Great shoes
        • Strong
        • Very grippy
        • Cool design

        • Slightly heavy
        Overall these shoes are very good, they offer fantastic grip and are very durable. If you are use to very light shoes these may not be for you as they are slightly heavier than some table tennis shoes but this means they give you great support and will last a long time.
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        Posted 04-01-2015
        4.00 Best plastic ball I've used
        • Good speed
        • Regular bounce

        I have a tried a lot of plastic balls in competition and found the Stag to be the most reliable and best out of all the plastic balls. However there are still a lot of issues for example when you top edge the ball, the ball just shatters. If I was to choose a plastic ball to practice with I would choose the Seamless balls to practice with over the seamless ones.
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        Posted 01-02-2015
        3.00 Nittaku plastic balls
        • Speed/flight
        • Fairly round

        • Too soft
        • Break easily
        These balls are certainly not the worst of the various plastic balls I've tried, however they are slightly disappointing in terms of durability and roundness in my opinion. After training with them for a week or so they rarely lasted without breaking, especially when you miss-timed the ball and struck the top of the blade they would break immediately. These balls do have a seam and play very differently to the seamless balls. Quite often these balls were certainly not up to the hardness you would expect for a 3* ball, the seam is hard but the rest of the outside of them tended to be quite soft.

        Having said that the have a better flight and feeling than some of the other brands of plastic ball such as Joola. Overall these balls are not fantastic, but I believe the production of the plastic balls will only improve with time and the quality will get better as companies make improvements.
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        Posted 01-02-2015
        5.00 Stiga instinct

        Fantastic shoes, the best by far in the stiga range. They are light and very comfortable with excellent grip. I would compare them and say they are very similar to the butterfly energyforce series of shoes. If you are playing and competing at a high level and playing a lot of hours then these shoes are great value. They are much cheaper than the butterfly equivalent and are very similar.

        Also I think they look great! Smart black and red design gives them a unique look!

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