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        Posted 01-22-2017
        4.00 Consistent rubber, lot's of spin
        • Control
        • Durable
        • Spin

        • Speed
        • Lack of catapult
        Tested Genesis S 2.0mm on Stiga Infinity and Stiga Celero for 6 sessions of 2-2,5 hr.

        Some reviewers mention the slight tackiness , but to be honest, I didn't notice this at all. This rubber is promoted as a CHN/EUR rubber, but it didn't feel that way to me. I even prefer prefer soft rubbers, the Genesis S didn't feel too hard for me. According to Stiga's catalog, the Genesis S should be a fairly fast rubber, however it's actually not. The 2 key major pro's are the control and spin which this rubber can generate. The S is not very sensitive for incoming spin and you block without much effort. Especially aggressive blocks where fun to do.

        The Celero blade is an OFF- all wood blade and offers a lot of control. Putting Genesis S on the Celero, gives you a perfect blade for pushing and blocking. But the lack of speed is a major concern for me. I had to put a lot of effort in my strokes to generate speed. So much even, that after the first session, my arm/elbow hurt. Playing for more than 25 years , this was a first for me.

        Genesis S on the Infinity felt more comfortable to me. Although the Infinity is not a speed-monster, it's faster than the Celero for sure. Like with the Celero, pushes and blocks where easy to do. The most issue I have, is playing topspin. It still feels like I'm missing speed and have to force my arm movement to generate enough speed. Smashing however is not a problem at all. After some time , I came to the conclusion it's not the speed I'missing, but the catapult. The Genesis S is not bouncy at all and has no catapult effect. Coming from Acuda Blue P2 , it's a big difference.

        At this point not sure if I will continue using the Genesis S. Honestly, I want to use it as I really like the control of this rubber. Especially the ease of playing topspin over topspin is amazing. The lack of catapult, which I am used to, is the only thing making me doubt.
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        Posted 10-17-2015
        4.00 PErfect for controlled topspin play
        • Controll
        • Spin

        • Smashes
        Although this is a rubber of some generations back, it's still one of my favorites. I'm a two wing looper (playing TT more then 25 years already) and my complete gameplay is based on (top)spin. I use the 375 in max on my FH and 425 2.0mm on my BH. Blade used is the Rossi Emotion.

        This is where the Rhyzm 375 really shines. It nearly doesn't react to any incoming spin at all and due to the softness, it's very easy to spin even heavy backspin. Spin over spin is also very easy. When blocking, the rubber absorbs the speed and you are able to return slow and short blocks (perfect when your opponent is standing away from the table).

        Certainly not a speed monster, not even close. The 375 is a nice rubber to play a controlled offensive play, but if you are a hardhitter, this is not your rubber.

        Main reason for me to enjoy this rubber. I'm able to generate a lot of topspin on both slow and fast strokes. Easy to play slow topspin with massive spin on heavy backspin push to open the game, followed by a fast topspin.

        Uhm, no...just no. This rubber is way too soft to play a proper smash. If I get a high ball, I play some kind of a smash-loop.

        It's just so easy to both slow & passive blocks as fast & well placed blocks. The 375 almost doesn't react to the incoming spin. Although slow blocks are pretty easy, I prefer to play offensive when blocking. With this rubber, I'm able to generate backspin in my blocks just my moving my wrist just a little. Within a single rally I play dead blocks, spin blocks and backspin blocks. My oppenent is often surprised by this and makes a mistake.

        The 375 is great if you prefer soft rubbers with high controll. Due to this high level is suits allround players both also offensive players who rely on spin.
        If you play offensive , make sure you have a blade which is fast enough. On a 5 ply all wood blade, the 375 is too slow. However, for an allrounder this would be very nice combo.
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