The Nittaku Acoustic was one of my first blades, so I didn't have much experience and didn't know what to expect. I hesitated a bit to buy it because of its price tag, wondering if it was going to be worth it. I bought a blade with flared handle.
It has beautiful colors and design (with an acoustic guitar silhouette print on it)
It was really easy to adapt to it, which was quite unexpected (but nice) since I had changed from a beginner set up.
Many players complain about the small handle (as I've seen on other reviews on other websites), but I thought that it was really comfortable and helped me produce spin.
I'm really satisfied with this wooden blade as it helped me to up my game. I wasn't even close to my table tennis club partners, but now I can play against most of them and win!
I used it with Mantra H on both sides, which gave me a lot of speed! The blade was especially good to block. Maybe because of the vibrations and feeling this blade provided! It was also great for my short game and for my looping game.
Overall, it was a great offensive but really controllable blade. In my opinion, worth the money.