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    Reviews posted by lgreggs
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    Reviews Rubbers(5)
        Posted 10-03-2015
        3.00 Underwelming
        • Good roundness

        • Not much spin
        • Light
        I was excited to try these balls because butterfly were claiming that the ball was going to be the answer we've been waiting for. The ball is an improvement on most others however it is very mild. They do seem to be more consistently round but they are quite light and floaty and don't feel quality to play with.

        A decent attempt but I think I still prefer the xushoafa and nittaku balls.
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        Posted 06-26-2015
        3.00 Super soft and very loud
        • Sounds good
        • Quite fast
        • Great for BH

        I've been using this rubber on a coaching bat I put together on my backhand side. It has decent control but is extremely soft which is not to my taste really. I'll keep using it as it is only a coaching bat. But would not like to use it for competition.
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        Posted 06-26-2015
        4.00 Best plastic ball I've played with
        • Fairly durable
        • roundish

        This is the best plastic ball on the market at the moment. I have used Butterfly, Joola, Stiga ,etc and this is the most consistent overall. There is not too much variability between balls. Definitely would recommend them over the other balls.
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        Posted 02-04-2015
        3.00 Distinctly Average but did a good job

        I acquired this rubber and used for a short amount of time out of necessity when no others were available to me. It did a solid job on my backhand side but was much to slow for me. It was easily controllable and produced a fair amount of spin. I would recommend this rubber to players not yet ready to step up to the tenergy series or similar rubbers.
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        Posted 02-03-2015
        5.00 Hard to resist
        • Perfect balance
        • durable

        • Expensive
        This rubber is the type of rubber that if you use once you're hooked. It's well balanced and flexible and reasonably forgiving. It's also durable. This is the defining rubber of the post speed glue era. I am interested to see if it will hold up it's reputation against the new plastic balls.
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        Posted 02-03-2015
        4.00 Pretty quick for a wood blade
        • Very fast
        • controllable

        • split easily
        I tried the blade out for a few months second hand and it did a great job for me after my boll spirit broke. It is extremely fast but with the controlability that comes with wood blades. I found that the wood surface would come away and split easily when removing rubbers though. I have moved back to a timo boll spirit because it suits my style better but I would still recommend this blade to a fast attacking player that likes to hit the big shots .
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        Posted 12-19-2014
        5.00 Should be called tenergy 05 backhand
        • controlled
        • easy to use

        • pricey
        I switched to this rubber from normal 05 on my backhand it saw immediate improvements. Its easy to control and is more forgiving than standard 05. It's great from every distance but is particularly good attacking over the table. I will stick with this rubber for my backhandfrom now on.
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        Posted 11-28-2014
        4.00 Good rubber for those who can't afford tenergy
        • Very fast
        • Cheapish

        • Lacks some grip
        I used this rubber for a period of time as a replacement for tenergy 05. It definitely has the speed but not the grip to match. I enjoyed using the rubber but tenergy was just that bit better so I went back. It wasn't very durable, only lasted a few weeks when I was playing full time.
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        Posted 11-28-2014
        3.00 Not perfect but the best plastic ball I have used so far
        • Decent bounce
        • Good hardness

        • Break often
        • Not always round
        • Expensive
        I trained with these balls for a few weeks and have used them in one competition. They are the best plastic ball I have used so far. There is still issues surrounding the ball. They break far more often and the balls are not always consistent in a pack. They 'fly' much better than the other plastic balls I have played with though. So I will continue to use them until a better alternative comes along.
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        Posted 11-28-2014
        4.00 Comfortable, but not affordable
        • Comfortable
        • Great grip
        • Well made

        • Expensive
        • Very Expensive
        • Not Cheap
        These shoes are excellent in all departments. I have been using them for 4-5 months now and have had no issues with grip. They are very comfortable due to the asics gel that is in the sole of the shoe. You can wear them for hours and not want to take them off. If the durability is anything like the previous Energyforce shoes I have owned I will still be wearing them for a few years.

        There is however one big drawback to buying these shoes and that is the price. They are ridiculously pricey! If you only play table tennis occasionally and are not playing several times a week you don't need these shoes. I bought these shoes as I am a full time coach and wear them almost everyday. I have to get my moneys worth some how.
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        Posted 11-28-2014
        5.00 Perfectly balanced blade
        • Well balanced
        • Fast
        • Easy to control

        • Expensive
        The Boll spirit is a classic blade and will be for years to come.

        The reason for it's popularity is that any style of player can use it and get success from it. It has great control for a carbon blade, better than a lot of the faster wood blades. You can get the speed you need easily and never disappoints.

        It's my first pick every time.

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