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        Posted 11-01-2019
        5.00 Good finished, stiff, nice control
        • smooth finished
        • offensive
        • good control

        • tag is gone away
        • hard feeling
        Feel AX is a good blade that had smooth finished, handle is comfortable for me.This blade is stiff so is not match for hard rubber with low throw like DHS Hurricane 2.I think it match to medium hard rubber.Tag on handle had gone away with sweat so you should seal it if you can.For the price (44 usd. when promotion in Thailand) it very good for money.performance is more than you pay.It can generated spin easily block is also good.Suit for aggressive player but if you don't like too stiff blade it don't match for you.Now I got new Yinhe V-14 Pro yesterday less stiff than Feel AX when I was test to bounce a ball.
        Conclusion, Nice blade with smooth finished,easy to generate spin,a little bit too stiff,good block, medium low throw blade easy to adjust my swing.
        everybody should try.

        update : when I try Feel AX and Yinhe v-14 pro with same rubber that clearly Feel AX is way more hard feeling and stiff than V-14 pro for sure.Feel AX has more sweet spot than V-14 pro.

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