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        Posted 12-11-2019
        3.00 Rakza 7 soft max
        • spin
        • control

        • consistency
        I have been using Rakza 7 soft for more than a year. I do not know why but some batches are good and some are bad. I used them for my forehand as I want to control my loop. The good batches gave me lot of control, accuracy and suit my game well. The bad batches were really bad! At times they felt hard like a brick, sorry, and my opponents told me my loop had no power. I think quality control of this rubber is terrible, especially when I took advantage of buying 4 for 3 price from Tabletennis11. Another thing I notice is when I tried to glue the 2nd time the rubber curved a lot. It seemed it was pre-tuned with some kind of booster! Not sure if this is correct but I do not like pre-tuned rubber. I now switch to tensor rubbers as they are more consistent in quality and regluing is not an issue.
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