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        Posted 07-24-2020
        4.00 Yinhe Big Dipper
        • Good spin
        • Good control
        • H38 Sponge

        • H40 Sponge is too hard
        I'm using this 2.2mm H38 Red version on forehand on a 729 V6 blade. I usually have a DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 2.2mm H38 on my forehand, but lately I'm starting to loop too long with this. Perhaps more often when playing on hard wooden floors etc. So I tried this instead. It's almost as spinny as the H3N, so brush looping feels almost the same. The difference was that they didn't go long so often any more. The feeling when making slower strokes etc. is better. More balls on the table here as well. It might even be a bit lighter than the H3N, so It's a big + for me using this rubber instead of the H3N. Flat hits and smashes are better with Big Dipper as well. Update 191104: The DHS NEO Skyline TG2 (2.15mm, H38) is about the same as this BD in many ways. Skyline is a bit faster, but Big Dipper has way more control in all strokes. Great if you are a brush looper away from the table (and close). Weight cut, H38: 45-53g. H40:50g. H40 uncut with plastics on both sides: 71g. H38 uncut with plastics on both sides: 63g. Significant difference in behaviour between H38 and H40. Not so much effect when looping with the H40. The H38 is better in all aspects so far. I have trained one session with the H40, but changing back to H38 for now.
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