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    Reviews posted by TTLondon2012
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        Posted 03-15-2015
        5.00 Best BH Rubber!

        The best of the Tenergy range for my BH needs. Lower throw than 64, 05, 05-fx, good speed, linear response, good spin generation. Easiest Tenergy for blocking and flat hitting(without switching to the more specialised T25). I tend to switch between this and 05-fx on the BH side. 05-fx has the edge on raw looping, but 64-fx is more stable, better in allround play and close-in, and easier for pushing and noodling around the table.
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        Posted 03-15-2015
        5.00 The best rubber I have ever used!
        • Easy to spin
        • Great Spin
        • Great control

        Tenergy 80 is a great rubber! It is the best from the Tenergy series that I have ever used. Infact it is the best rubber I have used. It is comfotable and extremely easy to play with. The spin you get from the rubber is super heavy, combined the the excellent spin, it is an all round 10 out of 10 rubber! Very good in the short game department to.

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        Posted 03-15-2015
        5.00 Donic Waldner Black Devil - Amazing Blade!

        This is a really fast, controlled, light blade. This really is a silent black killer. If you want to feel your shots, this is not it. It's perfect for an attacking player who'd like to place it and place it FAST. Short -long distance attacking is incredible
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