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        Posted 06-06-2019
        1.00 Soft Topsheet with a Medium Sponge
        • Control is King
        • Spiny
        • Dwell time

        • Will
        • Die out
        • In a week
        **** died after a week, tried to salvage it by boosting but it was never the same. I know it's only been a week but damn.... So that's why acuda series are still a lot popular*** (IMHO)

        Using it on my BH.
        Will try to keep it short and sweet.

        Serve:soft Topsheet bites the ball very well and the med sponge catapults it out giving tremendous heavy spin

        Throw angle: medium

        VS Backspin: having a hard time hitting top gear. Gives an easy slow spinny loop.

        Blocking: absorbs the speed of the ball which makes blocking easier.

        Receiving: not spin sensitive unless you dig it in the sponge.

        VS Topspin drives: BH punches do so well against spinners. I was having a hard time with different rubber regarding this but this 1 makes it easy.

        Chopping: Yes You Can!!!

        Chiquita: easy!!

        Hope it helps
        any questions, comment below
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        Posted 12-26-2017
        4.00 My Best SP so Far 12/26/2017
        • Easy Flicking
        • Feel
        • Easier Flat Hit

        • Expensive

        • A Bit Spiny
        • Vertical Alignment
        • Fast
        • Med-Hard Sponge
        • Flat Circular Pip

        SP vs Topspin: Fun and Easy . Usually ends up aggressively Flat Hitting with an racket angle of " | ". For a stronger spin, Closing the angle just a bit will do the trick.
        SP vs Backspin: Brushing results into a slightly spinny ball. If I were to rate it, it is easier.
        Sp vs Receiving: a slight tap can send the ball popping up. Make sure to just to push very gently.
        SP Flicking : Easy because of the slightly harder sponge. I kept on flicking heavy chop serves.
        SP Chop blocking: Most of the Time, its usually just turns into no spin but hit a bit harder it can give a slight backspin.
        SP Blocking vs Topspin: Not Linear. it still makes an arc when blocking.
        SP Service: Surprised me a bit. This Rubber can generate heavy spin especially when i dig it in the sponge. The feed back was outrageous. My mates were surprised that the serve came from the SP and not an inverted rubber.
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        Posted 12-26-2017
        4.00 Like Android, its User friendly
        • Forgiving Rubber
        • Spinny
        • Superb Control

        • Expensive
        I had a hit with this new rubber from butterfly. The word "Tolerance" was given emphasis over the PVs from butterfly and I know the reason why. It is because it is such a forgiving rubber. Adjusting from a Chinese rubber BH to a Spring sponge/High Tension rubber took a bit of time.
        Topspin to topspin: I had to close the Angle more. It has Low Throw.
        Looping Backspin: It requires opening up a bit more and brushing upwards even more.
        Service: I had a hard time adjusting on the service game and incorporating the High toss serve because its a bit bouncy for me. it produces massive spin if the ball dug into the sponge. Need to practice more.
        Flicking: Since the sponge is soft, its a bit hard.
        Banana Flick : E-A-S-Y. My favorite part of the test.
        Other Observations:

        • Pink Sponge
        • Low Throw
        • Non Tacky
        • Soft

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        Posted 01-03-2017
        4.00 Control without the Feel(s)!! :)
        • Soft Blade
        • Semi-Flex
        • Superb Control

        • No Feel
        • Small Sweet Spot
        • Expensive
        Hello Everyone!

        A video of the Unboxing:


        I bought this blade at Hamada Takkyu, in Namba @ Osaka, Japan. The heaviest they had was 87.5g. I added Nittaku Lead Tape on the handle plus TSP Hand Grip wrap. The Handle is Very thin for me, so this works perfectly with the added Grip tape.

        I use Hurricane 8 on the FH and Mizuno GF 48T for my BH. At first, started to use Tibhar EL-S for my BH and found it too mushy for my taste. (Med Soft Rubber + Soft Blade = Mushy Mushy imo) Switching to Mizuno 48T was great because its a Hard rubber.

        Ill give a short summary:
        Using this blade for a month, i found out that:
        This blade excels on Imparting great spin on loops.
        Has a Small Sweet spot(Imho)(Just a nudge higher than an all wood blade)
        Great for Flicks and over the table play
        Using Chinese Rubber when driving, i needed to hit the ball as if i was doing a flat drive with a brushing motion at the end.
        As for Chopping, There are better blades out there but you still can generate heaps of underspin.
        Low Throw blade, Excellent for Blocking
        As for pushing, give it that extra push because most backspin balls will go to the net.
        The Hinoki did its job well by providing a soft feel but what i disliked about it was the lack of feed back(vibration) that i receive from every stroke.(Thats arylate carbon for yah)
        Superb Control, around off- in speed

        *i might add more content in the future, for any questions, dont hesitate to ask.
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        Posted 10-20-2016
        2.00 Would you Like an Extra Mushy Feeling with that Sir? ---> For Traditional Choppers only
        • Very Strong BS

        • Mushy Sponge
        • No Spin on Serve
        • Super Duper Slow
        My Thought process:
        Planning on buying Graydia ZLC
        but it is too fast for me
        i thought i can slow it down with a def rubber

        I thought i could compensate it with an Off Blade
        but i was wrong i was dead wrong.
        Blade used: Ross Leidy Custom Off Blade

        Here is a quick summary(All my honest opinions about the rubber):

        Loop: Slow spiny loops are achievable. it is quite low throw rubber. Spiny low topspins

        Drive: Forget about long distance. Forget about Short Distance as well. it is too slow. Drives were easily countered.
        rally to rally it is like your giving out (example only) 50 kph while your opponent returns 100 kph since im only handing out 50 kph, it can easily be countered

        Flicks: It is easy to flick(Banana flick as well) but its slow

        Blocks: Give it a bit of punch so that it goes back to your opponents side.

        Chops: It is where this rubber truly shines( Well it is a Def Rubber Lol). Opponents are having a hard time lifting the backspin. Chop Blocks are easy and heavy as well. Most Fast Balls can be chopped Back, Short or Long.

        well thats all folks.
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