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    Reviews posted by Sali
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    Reviews Rubbers(2)
        Posted 08-24-2017
        2.00 too soft too fast
        • huge spin

        • too fast
        • poor control
        I use Andro Ligna All + blade which is quite soft. I know that this version of Rasanter could be too soft but still I wanted to try. Few things are strange:
        First of all it is very fast, Andro made a rubber different way, the sponge is much more thicker then usual and the outer part is thinner. this solution made the rubber really fast. Most of my topspins are too long. the same happens while blocking the ball. Before I used tbhar evo EL-S which was harder and definitely slower.
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        Posted 06-19-2015
        4.00 T05 little simillar

        • low throw angle
        Good rubber, little similar to T05. Defnitely for play close to the table, and definitely not for amateurs. The sponge is quite hard and also low throw angle make it not easy to play long way rallies. Very good for blocking, you can easily decide where to put the ball. Great for smashing. Not good for flicking.
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        Posted 04-19-2015
        5.00 Innerforce zlf
        • Control
        • Large sweet spot

        • Delicate
        This blade is really great. It is not that fast as it could be, although it is off I would say off-. Blade is more concentrated to control and spin. It is great and control does not matter which part you touch the ball. In cheaper blades you need to concentrate to hit always the middle of the blade, here there is no problem which part you hit - you still get great control. It is very soft so you Can keep the ball longer and really feel it. Great for playing middistance.
        Blade is soft so you really ned to be carefull.
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