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    Reviews posted by foz
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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 04-08-2015
        2.00 Not for me
        • Looks
        • Durability

        • Slow
        • Floats
        • Wobbles
        OMG ! I really don't like this ball, you just don't know where you are with it, after trying the DHS plastic ball and being quite happy with it , I thought I'd try a quality butterfly ball, as this , I thought, must be even better! WRONG! It floats something terrible and in a warm room wobbles like a returned ball from Lentec swing!( Not many that remember that nasty piece of lp I bet ) it seems to take an age to come down, making timing your loop shot very tricky, it's wierd! Hope I've just got a bad box, please let me know if anyone else has the same issues 😣😣
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        Posted 04-07-2015
        5.00 Innerforce AL 👍
        • Feel
        • Quality
        • Consistency

        • Cost
        10/10 for me, I love it! Paired with t80fx max both sides it has great control from all areas with loads of spin and enough pace for counter play away from table, has a great feel with not too much vibration, and gives you that" can't miss" feeling even when you're not quite at your best! I've tried dozens of blades but this truly IS the best! I suppose if you're technically a great player and the success of your game depends on all out power and aggression then this may not be for you, Dan / Tom, please do a vid review on this blade! 😬
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        Posted 04-07-2015
        4.00 Korbel best non composite
        • Consistent
        • Quality
        • Grip

        • Cost
        • Not pretty
        Although I stopped using this blade a year or so ago now (sorry dan, should have updated my profile) it is still up there for me, it it extremely well balanced with a wonderful positive comfy grip(flared) , it seems to do all things well for an attacking game and even the guy I sold it to who uses pips both sides has had an amazing season with it! There is a lot of feel to the blade which is bordering on vibration, which is the only reason I moved on to innerforce AL, overall though, this isnt a great long term favourite of many for nothing, and it's still my no 1 non composite blade!
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        Posted 04-07-2015
        5.00 80fx best so far
        • Forgiving
        • Fast
        • Spinny

        • Price
        • Price
        • Price
        I think it's true to say, there is no "best rubber" , another mans meat,, and all that, but in my opinion after using dozens and dozens of rubbers costing me a fortune to experiment over some 20 years now, I've come to settle on t80 fx both sides, for me, it is so forgiving under pressure with the ability to turn a point round to your advantage, I used to play 90pc fh loop drive but this rubber (and a fair bit of practice) has helped me develope the backhand to a similar level, probably 60/40 now.
        Its not the fastest, prob not the spiniest (must be close though) but for feel, consistency and General spin/power, it will take some knocking off my top spot!
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