The Andro Impuls Powesponge is an Ideal choise for the beginner/ developing player due its high controll and the topsheet can generate good spin. Also for advanced players who like to play with soft rubbers this rubber is perfect. Its very soft (If a had to geve a number it would be 2.5), very forgiving and easy to handle. This rubber has decent speed as well the sponge has a great catapult effect, which makes it a very good allround rubber.

Great for a slow controlled looping game, power loop game (but most player prefer faster rubbers for this style), blocking game and even defending. Its great at all aspects.
Also very good on heavy spin serves and short game (it might be a bit bouncy in the beginning).

Im sorry but the amount of available characters was way to less, so I will add it here

Pros; Excellent spin capabilities, Exceptional controll, Decent speed
Cons; Its not too durable; for me it lasts around half a year with 8 hours per week, Its not too fast; faster than Mark V or Sriver but slightly slower than Barracuda.

My experience;
Before playing with this rubber my backhand was awfull, I used to play with Andro Rasant on both sides but it was to hard for my backhand. So when I tried this rubber Backhand topspinning bacame so much easier it was so forgiving and it was like someone enchanted my backhand because it became almost impossible to miss with this one. Untill today Im still using this rubber, but I think soon it is time for me to change to a little bit of a harder rubber.

Well thats it,

I hope you enjoyed my review and thanks for reading.