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    williamlimpo's review on Stiga Airoc Astro S

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    Stiga Airoc Astro S
    5.00 (6 reviews) Price: $50
    5.00 [5.00]Best Stiga rubber
    • Loop and Drive
    • Counter Attacks
    • BH Attacks
    • Gears
    My best Stiga rubber so far. Im using it niw in the intensity carbon and all my shots are amazing. Fh and bh topspins are superb. Drives and underspin loops are the best. The only bad news is touching. The less amount of gear makes touching super low, but gew adjustment makes touches with this rubber deadly. Im an rbp penholder with chinese style of technique, with this thing counter loops and topspins are efffortless. Serves are good too
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