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    dangerhow's review on Donic Acuda P1

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    Donic Acuda P1
    5.00 (3 reviews) Price: $55
    5.00 [5.00]Acuda Blue P1 Black Rubber
    • Very spinny
    • Good speed & conrol
    • Great feeling
    • Very low throw
    I've tried Donic Acuda Blue P1 Black sheet and the summary are like these:

    Top sheet :
    Good and grippy topsheet, not tacky at all.

    Sponge :
    Hard and bouncy, but not as hard as Bluefire M2.

    Serving :
    Serving is good. I found my serve is more spinny, but you need to do a soft brushing stroke to make it spinny due to its hard sponge.

    Blocking :
    Good blocking, doesn't need too much effort. But you need a really softhand to make it controlable

    Topspin :
    I think this rubber really excel in this part. I can do a heavy & fast topspin with less effort.

    Looping :
    It's really easy to lift a backspin ball. But it has a quiet low-throw

    Counter-topspin :
    Quiet hard. I need to do a really fast vertical topspin stroke, The ball don't dwell so long on the rubber due to its hard sponge characteristics.

    Pushing :
    Quiet hard. I need to soften my hand so much. Required a lot of touch to do a short push. Plus i also need to widely open my bat angle to return a backspin serve.

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    Yeah it sounds ridiculous. Manufacturer descriptions doesn't really fit the original situation. You need to try this by yourself. In fact, when I pressed the sponge, Acuda blue P1 sink deeper than Bluefire M2
    what its softer than m2 o.o the description of acuda p1 is that its sponge is 50 degrees. whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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