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    michiy's review on Donic Acuda P2

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    Donic Acuda P2
    4.00 (3 reviews) Price: $55
    4.00 [4.00]Medium hardness looping rubber
    • Easy to loop
    • Easy to block
    • mid distance
    • 3rd ball
    • active blocking
    • short game
    The blue sponge from the Bluefire series combined with the topsheet from the Acuda series make a very good kit. Looping and passive blocks are extremely easy to perform, making the Acuda P2 perfect for players who always aims for longer rallies. Since the hardness combined from both the topsheet and sponge are medium, this makes it very hard to perform at the short game, most of the times when receiving the balls either go to high or too deep in the table. Some more experienced players might be able to compensate for its bounciness.

    Third ball aggressive shots are hard to perform, since the contact time is short. So I would say this rubber has a low-medium throw.

    This rubber is perfect for players looking to aim for longer rallies and reliable shots.
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