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    amekun's review on Donic Acuda P3

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    Donic Acuda P3
    1.00 (1 reviews) Price: $55
    1.00 [1.00]Soft Topsheet with a Medium Sponge
    • Control is King
    • Spiny
    • Dwell time
    • Will
    • Die out
    • In a week
    **** died after a week, tried to salvage it by boosting but it was never the same. I know it's only been a week but damn.... So that's why acuda series are still a lot popular*** (IMHO)

    Using it on my BH.
    Will try to keep it short and sweet.

    Serve:soft Topsheet bites the ball very well and the med sponge catapults it out giving tremendous heavy spin

    Throw angle: medium

    VS Backspin: having a hard time hitting top gear. Gives an easy slow spinny loop.

    Blocking: absorbs the speed of the ball which makes blocking easier.

    Receiving: not spin sensitive unless you dig it in the sponge.

    VS Topspin drives: BH punches do so well against spinners. I was having a hard time with different rubber regarding this but this 1 makes it easy.

    Chopping: Yes You Can!!!

    Chiquita: easy!!

    Hope it helps
    any questions, comment below
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