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STIGA Mantra H has been made in Japan. The rubber comes in 3 versions, soft, medium and hard. The rubbers will be available in Spring 2016.
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    Posted 02-27-2021
    4.00 10/10 rubber first month
    • Feeling
    • Do-it-all
    • Top spin
    • durability


    Got this rubber on a black Friday sale for around 23 euros. I bought it for my backhand but ended up using it on my forehand until I got a new forehand rubber.


    I got the red one which has a matte finish, not sure how the black one is though. Non tacky but very grippy surface. Mantra H is a 47.5 degree rubber so it's very similar when it comes to hardness to most standard high end rubbers like MX-P, Fastarc G1 and Rasanter R47.


    First impressions of this rubber was amazing. It felt alive in every stroke. This rubber probably has one of the best feelings out of the package. Shots where you would engage the sponge would give a nice crack sound and a powerful shot. I had previously played with about 3 month old rubbers and changed one side to the mantra H, during the training sessions I felt that I couldn’t miss when using the mantra. If you compare it to Tenergy 05, Tenergy feels more like a trampoline with higher potential whereas Mantra feels alive in a sense that it feels like you're using its full potential in most strokes, which is nice.

    Topspin strokes

    Loop : This is where the rubber shines. When looping against a block you almost always engage the sponge and you’ll get the nice crack sound. It has a medium throw angle but the arc on the ball ensures that it’ll stay on the table.

    Counter : Counter looping is great as well. The rubber is just the right hardness for me because I don't have to overwork my stroke and lose control but the rubber also isn't too soft where I won't hit through the sponge to where it bottoms out.

    Open ups : The grippy topsheet is great for biting the ball and lifting the backspin. Spinny open ups are great but as I said earlier, the rubber works best when you engage the sponge which gives you confidence in looping backspin with more force.

    Close to table

    Backspin short/long : It’s a bouncy rubber so it can be hard to make a short return if u dont put any backspin on the ball. This goes for most european rubbers.

    Flick : Grippy topsheet + medium throw angle results in great flicks. Ii I compare it to Tenergy 05 I’d say the Tenergy 05 is better because it has a bit higher throw angle and a bit better spin.

    Overall Thoughts

    Without a doubt it’s an amazing rubber that anyone could play with. It’s for the active player for sure. I’d say this rubber suits all ranges, close-mid-far away from the table. It has a lot of gears which allows for anyone to use it.. Make sure you hit the ball at its highest point and the rubber will do the rest for you.


    The only downside I see for this rubber is the durability. The first month is awesome but after that you really feel that the rubber has lost its fuel.

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    • Speed
    • Spin
    • Control
    • Durability
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    Posted 02-14-2017
    5.00 Favorite from the 3 Mantra versions
    • Fast
    • Very grippy
    • Impressive
    STIGA Mantra Rubber: H
    Weight: 65 grams uncut
    Speed: OFF+
    Spin: Very High

    After waiting patiently the new Mantra rubbers are here. I finally got hold of each version S, M and H. To stop the rumors flying about that the Mantra rubber series was recalled due to a low durability. It was due to a factory enhancement with the rubber which I know but do not have the liberty to discuss.

    I paired the Mantra H, alongside the Genesis Rubber on a DHS Hurricane 3 for the Carbonado 290 and 245 and the Celero Blade. Out of all 3 versions soft, medium and hard I preferred the hard. The medium version is 47 degrees in hardness. Between all 3 versions the pimple structure between the Soft, Medium and Hard are the exact same the only difference being the hardness of sponge.

    The topsheet on the Mantra rubber is a huge update from the Airoc and a great improvement. The Japanese company that produced the rubber has surprised me with is new topsheet. It has a very grippy surface and it does not come with the plastic like texture.

    Speed: The Mantra rubbers are fast with the hard version being the fastest. It has similar speeds to the Tibhar Evolution MX-P if not even faster! The Japanese rubbers never had a problem with speed it was that they needed more spin. The M is also fast but on similar speeds to a EL-S. The S is slow and soft, slower than a FX-P.

    Spin: The Mantra rubbers are very grippy. This is the first time the Japanese company have produced such a topsheet for Stiga. The Airoc was spinny but not on the levels of the new Mantra rubbers. In comparison to other rubbers the topsheet feels closest to Haifu Shark 3 and Whale 3. They are grippy without the tackiness. The hard version has almost the same amount of spin as the Evolution MX-P but a sharper and longer trajectory. When used with the Carbonado 290 the throw was low but accurate enough to clear the net. The medium version is also very spinny. Both M and H versions of the Mantra are spinny enough that they could pass as ESN rubbers, its this trajectory that makes them different from ESN rubbers. The M produces a medium arc whereas the S has a medium to high arc. You need to hit through the sponge more with the S to produce more spin. The Genesis rubbers are initially more spinny but when you compress more on the sponge and when you do very strong attacks, that is where the Mantra H and M rubbers shine and you can feel the combination of the speed and spin.

    Which version do I prefer of the Mantra series? I was really biased with the H version but lately I also like the M version a lot. Let me explain why.

    The Mantra H is the most stable rubber of the 3 in terms of attacking and blocking. The H version was placed on a Carbonado 290 which is a very fast attacking blade, a OFF+. I didnt have any problem with blocking the ball. It produced a low return when blocking

    Mantra H version is one of the most stable rubber I have tried in terms of attacking and blocking. Take note that the H version was placed on a Carbonado 290 and the said blade is an off+ very fast attacking blade. I had no problem blocking with it. It produced a low return when blocking just an inch higher than the net which is sometimes hard for opponents to attack back. Both the M and H are really easy to block with. The M is a tamed version of the H and is easier to control. The H versions very low throw often upset my opponents with its unique attacking properties. The players who tried it were using the Donic P-Series and MX-P series. The guys using the Donic P-series all said the Mantra H was a more vicious and better rubber in attacking. The guys using the MX-P were very impressed by its good spin capabilities and sharp low arc.

    The M version is the tamed version of the Mantra H. It can do everything the M version can but on a more tamed attack and easier to control. The 3 rubbers are never spin sensitive but they spin great with serves and pushes aside from loops. The S version, I would recommend it really for a backhand rubber or for developing players mostly. The H and M versions are really the rubbers to buy.

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    Posted 03-05-2016
    williamlimpo's Avatar williamlimpo Reviews(18)
    5.00 Stiga Mantra H Review
    • Great Speed
    • Heavy Rotation
    • Hard Sponge
    • Low Throw angle
    I don't even know that the rubber will be, but maybe like the ratings below

    User stats

    • Speed
    • Spin
    • Control
    • Durability
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