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    Lightzy's review on Palio AK 47 Blue

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    Palio AK 47 Blue
    4.00 (1 reviews) Price: $30
    4.00 [4.00]The perfect backhand rubber
    • Speed
    • Feather light
    • so-so topsheet
    At this price, it's a no-cons rubber if you stick it on the backhand, as you should.

    Good speed, which is especially noticable when topspinning backspin balls and all manner of serve return.
    One of the lightest rubbers on the market, which improves your whole bat and your performance, also making a hard sponge heavier rubber for the FH more viable.

    Soft sponge makes up for lack of significant body rotation in the backhand and makes wrist motions all the more pronounced as it grabs the ball in.

    The topsheet isn't on par with rubbers supposed to fill the same need like Rakza7 Soft etc and the ball leaves the racket a lot faster with less spin. But this may be good for some, and expected given it's like 1/3 the price or less.

    Also, ignore these TT1 commercials here, this rubber costs $10 if you order it from aliexpress and shipment is free

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    Used on fh for close to table attack off long pips returns. Compared to Gambler Zero and Mech, notably faster, spinnier, and trajectory slightly higher. Only minus is strong need to graze lightly in serve but rewarded with spin.
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