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    Lightzy's review on Palio AK47 Red

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    Palio AK47 Red
    4.00 (2 reviews) Price: $12
    4.00 [4.00]featherweight, powerful rubber
    • Featherweight
    • Fast
    • Cheap
    • Serves
    • Non-grippy topsheet (thin, new style)
    This rubber, when cut, weighs.... wait for it..... 38 grams. That's right. With a 47 hardness sponge at that.
    That is absolutely freakin phenomenal.
    With this rubber on both wings the bat feels like air. You can accelerate as if you're holding nothing.


    There are variations, some rubbers can be heavier and so lose the main advantage.
    Also, the topsheet is of the new variety (very thin topsheet), so it doesn't bite on the ball. And of course, it is a lower grade rubber, at only $10, so you can't expect that much of it, but it delivers easily over double the price.

    I wouldn't use it on backhand because the backhand needs more grippy topsheet, but for forehand you can get pretty much any kind of spin, since it rewards deep spongey contact (like the new thin rubbers in general).

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