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Butterfly Sriver
4.00 (7 reviews) Price: $42
Posted 1422934591 ago
Sriver Review
4.00 (4.00)
  • Control
  • Improve tech.
  • Good for inter.
  • Speed
The good old Sriver! This rubber was the most popular rubber when it first came out. The tenergy equivalent going back 15 plus years in the speed glue days.

I would suggest this rubber for a beginner/intermediate player. This is an ideal rubber for the player looking to improve their game and to help develop a good technique whilst still offering a good combination of speed, spin and control.

I find too many players that have not 'ingrained' their technique and who have not been playing long will buy the fastest rubbers like tenergy which slows down their progression in their technique as the rubber is doing all the work. However, sriver is a good choice for the progressive player as it will give you good control whilst allowing you to improve your technique, performance and overall understanding of the game.
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