This is one of Stigas tensor-rubbers.
The sponge I play is max, the color is red. The blade I use is a Stiga hybrid wood.

Boost xt is not tacky but generates good spin. A great forhand rubber.
The speed and catapult effect is really good. Medium throw.
It's not light, but not as heavy as the chinese rubbers ive tried.

I picked this rubber to complement a DHS Skyline 2 neo that I was used to, thinking this would be a good backhand rubber but I had real trouble controling it as a backhandrubber. The catapult effect was to big for me. But as a forehand rubber, wow! As soon as I turned the blade over my game started to fall into place.
really happy with this one.

Seems to be a really nice rubber quality. Looks and feels brand new after 2 weeks and 1 hour practice a day..
As time goes I find it easier and easier to control on my forehand. Definetly a rubber I will buy again. Super happy with it.