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Stiga Calira LT Sound
4.00 (7 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1421944138 ago
Best of Both Worlds
4.00 (4.00)
  • Balance Spd/Spin
  • Med Soft
  • Pairs with ALC
  • No huge sound
Calibra LT Sound is soft high speed/high spin rubber suitable for agggressive offensive players who want to be able to both spin the ball and hit it HARD.

It works best on modern composite OFF or higher baldes that are solid, stiff and hopefully heavy.

Calibra Sound has most of the oomph of it brother LT, but the softer sponge allows MUCH better performance on strokes that are not all out or 80% power shots. You can actually make an opening loop and then power loop away to your hearts content. You wont leave the same vapor trail as you do with LT, but the pace is plenty enough. What you get is the ability to easily spin and control the ball way better than LT. Therefore, a balanced offensive player can make good use of this rubber over LT. You will not be able to hit as flat, hit as fast, pulverize the ball on powerloops or smashes, flat flip the ball, nor will you be able to do laundry using Calibra Sound, but you sure will have a lot of control on the setup shots that require a 50% - 70% stroke... You never got that with LT, margin of error was too small.

There are comprimizes on everything, but this one gives you middle control and acceptable top end over LT, which was only a beast in the power hungry strokes.

This rubber is a lot more suitable for more players than LT. You wont get the WOW !!! Blow your mind FH putaways, but you still can finish the point using it. th availability of other stroke effectivnes is well worth the sacrifice in some of the top end speed.

Bananna flips are easier, soft topspin defense, opening topspins, control looping, passing shots, counter-topspins where you are looking for spin with speed level just below super-sonic. If you wanna hear the sonic boom on your power shots, get Calibra LT. If you want to get it by your opponent with a rally and a setup shot or two, get Calibra Sound. You wont get eth super glued up glue sound, but the allround performance is many times better than the harder sponge LT version
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