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Stiga Calira LT Sound
4.00 (7 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1426082837 ago
soft but packs a nice punch
4.00 (4.00)
  • versatility
  • control
The softest of the Calibras, but don't think it's slow! The rubber feels soft and controlable. By far the easiest to use of the three Calibras. Loops don't carry as much spin as they do with Calibra Spin but the speed is somewhere between Calibra Spin and Calibra LT which is actually quite nice. Blocks and drives are a breeze with this one, great control and a nice punch make it a great rubber for my backhand.

The spin is the weakest point of this rubber, but it's still quite decent. Just keep in mind that you have to dig into the sponge to produce spin with this rubber, unlike Tenergy style rubbers that can produce heavy spin just by lightly grazing the ball.
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