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Donic Baracuda
4.00 (11 reviews) Price: $50
Posted 1430102523 ago
Bouncy and spinny
4.00 (4.00)
  • Spinny
  • Bouncy
  • Spin sensitive
I tried this Barracuda on Stiga Maplewood NCT V CPen. My previous blade is Yasaka Musashi Deluxe JPen with Yasaka Mark V.

Although some reviews say this rubber is slow, as I have been using a more orthodox rubber Yasaka Mark V I feel this Barracuda is not that slow (although this could partly be due to the fast Maplewood.

I find the high throw is a big problem to me as the ball tends to go over the table even if I try to hit the ball very lite. This might be somewhat compensated by reducing the thickness to 1.8mm.

I usually mix some various directions of side spin when I drive, and it is obvious that this Barracuda provides better spin than the previous Yasaka Mark V. However this at the same time means I will also be more sensitive to incoming spin from opponent.
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