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Donic Baracuda
5.00 (11 reviews) Price: $50
Posted 1469804012 ago
Great Spin, High Arc, Fast Enough
5.00 (5.00)
  • Huge spin
  • Not too heavy
  • Fast w/ booster
  • Spin sensitive
  • could be harder
It's a great looping rubber with good grip. To me feels better than tenergy 05 to drive the ball.
It's fast enough with 2 layers of booster, it has a linear behavior and due to my tendinitis is way lighter than a MX-P (my previous rubber)
It's a little bit spin sensitive at passive blocks put if you counter top ou usea little wrist it'll be fine.
It's specially good at near the table attacks.
If it was 1 or 2 degrees harder it would beeven better
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