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    Best-table-tennis-tables's review on Donic Acuda S1

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    Donic Acuda S1
    5.00 (4 reviews) Price: $60
    5.00 [5.00]Donic Acuda S1 - feel and control
    • qucik
    • spinny
    • great control
    I have just started using this rubber, I was recommended it as I hadn't played table tennis for a very long time. I was using Mark V rubbers back in the day.

    I use this rubber on the backhand, so for me this rubber is more about control than speed as I tend to do loads of blocking on the back hand. I don't want the rubber to quick. I want a solid amount of spin and control as I want to feel the ball as much as possible. Donic have provided just that and it's feels great with just enough amount of control when blocking. The grip is solid when looping with the back hand and want to attack. I highly recommend the Donic Acuda S1.
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