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Donic Bluefire M1
3.00 (9 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1456537047 ago
Decent not the beat
3.00 (3.00)
This rubber is a catapult. Fast rubber for huge attacking strokes and above average control. The only drawbacks-admittedly big ones are a lack of spin and a lower than average throw angle. The throw angle is really only a problem on my backhand side (I use it on both sides) and produces a lot of service errors in the net. The throw angle being preferential ill move onto spin. My overall impression is that for someone who is an all out attacker this is your rubber. It is great from behind the table as well as on the table but doesn't have much of a touch game.
However, I do think Bluefire m1 turbo is better than the m1 version.
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