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Donic Bluefire M1
3.00 (9 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1510948948 ago
quickly broken the Rubber
3.00 (3.00)
  • Good Topspin
  • Lots of Spin
  • Powerfully
  • Control
  • Too Expensive
  • too much Hard
Hey i have buyed the donic bluefire m1 for 6 Months. I have test it out. The Rubber is very Good but if you a amateur then DONT buy this. Because if you Played , you have Good Topspin and spin but you dont have Control. You cant Control any Balls its too hard to do it. I have play this Rubber 3 Months and it was Broken.
(I have played 12 hours per Week).The upper rubber is extremely grippy and very tight. But when it comes to topspin against block, he goes forward powerfully.
Reminds me strongly of the tenergy 05. The rubber is very light on the racket. Sorry for my bad English. (my blade was Dhs 6002)
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