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Donic Bluefire M2
5.00 (9 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1426501410 ago
Loop like a pro
5.00 (5.00)
  • Good control
  • Nice looping
  • Do it all rubber
  • Colour diference
  • Not for beginners
I upgraded from M3 to M2, I have used it on both sides, I also boosted one of them, and used one unboosted too.
There where some comparisons on other sites with T05. Well I only can confirm that the speed is similar, and the spin in loops (counter, openig, normal) are similar too. But I don't personally think that this rubber is a Tenergy substitute.
M2 has a bit lower throw than M3 but still high. It seems to be less springy. Smashes and hits are way better then T05, the rubber feels more controlled because the longer dwell time. This rubber is a very good rubber for attacking game from ALL+-to OFF characteristics. The sheet works well on spin elastic to hard blades. On harder blades it feels a bit more mushy. Boosting this rubber can give more speed, springiness and spin, but out of the package it contains a factory tuning. Also there is a slight loss in control if you boost. The red topsheet is chemically a bit less stable, so after 200 hours the rubber topsheet degrades and dissolves/melts. This process is speeded up by booostering, hand swet and hard repetivite pressures on the same spot of the rubber. The black topsheets last longer. So note that if you boost this rubber and you are a swetty person this rubber will last only 6 months in red colour. Unboosted black rubbers can be with you for 300 hours of play.
On spin elastic blades better for BH, on hard blades both sides.

I used this rubber on a Yinhe Venus 16 (BH), Yinhe Venus 14 (BH), Maze Passion (FH-BH), Timo Boll ALL (FH), Donic Waldner Senso Carbon (FH-BH), Donic Waldner World Champion 89' OFF (FH-BH), the last ony is my currect setup. Also tried it on Butterfly Zhang Yike, Donic Ovtcharov Senso Soft Carbon, Yinhe Venus 13 and Butterfly Schlager precision. After so many blades I can state that this rubber requires a stiff ALL+ or faster blade, or esle it feels hard. The sponge hardness is aroun 44 degrees european, the average weight in max thickness is 0,22 g/mm2 so it is considered medium-heavy like all attacking rubbers, but lighter then Tenergy, Evolution, Rakza (0,24 g/mm2). On spin elastic blades the rubber works fine.

This rubber is an attacking rubber. Donic says it is a bit more direct and smash oriented, (the JP series is more spin oriented), but I found, that the spin capabilities of this rubber is very good. This is my favourite backhand rubber. Anyone who feels this rubber is uncontrollable or too fast, try the slower M3 version, and sharpen stroke techniques.
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