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Donic Bluefire M3
5.00 (4 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1426499593 ago
Well done DONIC, well DONE!
5.00 (5.00)
  • Very durable
  • Good feeling
  • Both sides
The Bluefire series from Donic tries to be an alternative to the famous (and expensive) BF Tenergy. Well more or less Donic did the job.
My experience was the following.
M3 has a really good looping arc, huge. Most of my loops are neglected, because they will fly long, but at the final few seconds they fall to the table in an incredible arc. Smashing is quite nice. It is easy to control the spin amount of the ball and hit "empty" balls with loop like hits. Chopping and passive chopping, lifting is easy. Had to adjust dropping but it is easy now. Passive play is really good and the rubber is quite forgiving for little mistakes. The M series form bluefire has a sponge with uneven pore size. This results in a very speed glue like feeling. The rubber bites into the ball fast and creates a heavy spin. The JP series have uniform pore size sponges that produce a more linear bite effect. But I personally favour this M type sponge, because this little unlinear property of the sponge does not matter if you are looping all the lime and smashing, it only adds to the feeling of your game.
So to summerise pros: you can loop every ball and attack till midrange.

There is difference between the black and the red rubber surface after a year: black topsheet remains softer red is a bit harder. The rubber surface looks grainy when it is new, after some play when this surface comes off some of the soft grip is lost, so you have to hit the ball a bit harder to loop efficiently.
So to summerise hit it hard and everything will be just fine. Or get an OFF- blade and hit just a bit less hard.

Finally I have finished the testing of the rubber. After 300 hours of effective table tennis, including 3 training camps, 30+ competitions and 4 regluing all I can say that this rubber is good. The loss of the grip is quite little, you can easily adjust without noticing. The rubber plays good on OFF- stiff to spin-elastic blades. I Used int on my BH, dropping and opening loops were still awsome. Chiqita and smash hits were a bit harder with the rubber getting older.

The rubber should be still good to play or practice but my hand is really swetty and the topsheet of the rubber finally gave in, it melted at the top of my index finger.

The Rubber is very durable, the edges are intact, no tears on it. The surface is worn by many hits and loops, but the sponge is in quite good shape.
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